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Dear Sir / Mdm
I place a gift order for my wife for our wedding anniversary on 22nd Sep 2017 and the delivery date is 23rd Sep 2017. On 23rd Sep 2017, wrong items was send to my wife. I log on to live chat on giftsnidea and Sofia attended to me. She told me they need 24hours to resolved the matters and also ask me to forwards her the photo of the gift received together with the confirmation email on live chat. I did that and also email over. After 24 hours, the matters was not resolve and I log on to live Chat on 24th Sep. Sofia was the agent but she simply just ignore my question. On 25th Sep, I log on to Live Chat and agent Marc attended to my case. Marc told me to give another 12hours to resolve the matters. On 26th Sep, I log on to Live Chat and agent Marc was attending to me, when I ask for an answer to my matters, Marc ignore my question and simply transfer the mater to Sofia. Sofia react the same for the initial 5 mins with no reply to me and later just informed me they will do the refund with 4 to 5 working days. I feel that is really unprofessional. I have being a regular customer of giftsnidea for many years and I could not believe this is the way problems was handle. To me, it reflected all the empty promise and unprofessional ways of handling problem. I try to be understanding, but it is very hard to convince myself. Even if the gift I chose was not available, why nobody contact me? They just simply replace with others? The replacement was a guy's perfume. Do you think my wife will be happy? Is out wedding anniversary and giftsnidea just screwed up our day. I have all the live chats records reflecting how giftsnidea agent handle cases and empty promises given. I really wish the top management of giftsnidea to look into this and reply me with an explanation.

Sep 26, 2017

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