Gift Shop 5 Siena Italy / Broken pottery and over charge on shipping

1 Piazza San Giovanni, 5, 53100, Siena, Italy
Contact information:
Phone: 39.0577.49960

We were in Siena and went to Gift Shop 5 to purchase pottery. We selected 3 pieces the total was in excess of $600. We were told shipping to Germany would be about 40 Euro. When the undamaged box arrived, I was surprised to see 2 of the more expensive pieces broken and we had noticed they charged us $122.10 for shipping but only paid 35 Euro for shipping. In an email response we were told they made a mistake and were told to do a billing dispute to get our money back on the shipping. Also, we were told to ship the pieces back. We shipped them back the next day, DHL shows it was successfully delivered and that it was signed by DEWITT. Now they are saying they never received the pottery back and we still have not been reimbursed for the shipping. We are out over $700 with foreign transaction fees, shipping and so forth. Is there any action we can take? We are still trying to get our money back from Citibank, but with the merchant lying about the pottery, we don't seem to have a way to get our money back. Can you help us? I

Gift Shop 5 Siena Italy

Jan 20, 2015

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