GIFcoinbe careful

GIFcoin is a Gaming Investment Fund and a Blockchain based cryptocurrency at the same time. The fund is backed by VitаlBе or, but their website is unavailable and it's pretty strange. It's also weird why it has different names.
So the team decided to create an investment project and accepts cryptocurrencies.
Let's see what's it is. So they provide links to analytic websites that show ratings and reviews about different projects. Unfortunately, several links are broken and simply lead to nowhere.
The presentation is good, informative and well-designed.
Would be nice if they showed their exchange partners, maybe it's the right time to stop negotiating.
They also offer an Affiliate Program and something tells me they are up to no good. I don't know legal financial or investment projects that use Affiliate Programs. All of them a scam.
The team. The first part where most of the people are introduced is ok, but what the hell with the advisors part? Why are the photos of them so awful? Why does it look so scary? Maybe it would be a good idea to change it?
Contacts. Only judging by a phone code +359 I can suggest that this company is based in Bulgaria, but I am not sure. There's no address and it's bad.
Should you trust them? I don't know. But I wouldn't

Dec 05, 2018

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