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Gibela Trading & Invest / False product information

1 South Africa Review updated:

We were phoned and offered printer cartridges that would last 8 to 9 months. I disputed this fact but they gauranteed that they would replace if a cartridge did not last this long. I installed a cartridge from them on 12/07/2008 and had to replace it on 26/07/2008 - lasting only 2 weeks. All the telephone numbers listed stay ingaged. I sent a fax which was responded to because they thought I wanted to buy more cartridges. The moment the person heard I had a complaint she put the phone down and I have not been able to have any contact regarding this false information regarding the products that they are selling by telephone.

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  • Li
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    I absolutely agree with your complaint. Gibela Trading phoned us and practically harassed us to buy cartridges, and we did not get any vouchers (how convenient). In the end we took 2 (thank heavens) and after delivery and payment (C.O.D.) they had the audacity to phone us again and then stated that they only sell to the public in bulk. Wow! This was the first word we heard. This woman was adament, she wanted to sell more and then she said it was a mistake the saleslady made and she was in a hearing! Bull!! Right, now we tried to use these cartridges, to our despair it doesn't fit. Immediately after this we phoned them to let them know about our problem and to either change the cartridges or to reimburse us. Now you don't get hold of them and the phone stays engaged, I think it is off the hook. We have been conned!! People like this should not get away with what they are doing. There should be a police investigation to this company or from SARS. BE AWARE, DON'T BUY ANYTHING!!!

  • Ri
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    A lady from this company phoned me on 22/08/08 trying to sell me a cartridge, stating that this cartridge lasts 6 times longer than any other.As we needed one I decided to try a cartridge.We agreed that I'm buying 1 and that they will deliver it the following day.They delivered it and I paid.The next day a lady named Samantha phoned me & told me that my order wasn't completed the previous day and that there is still 2 cartridges outstanding. I told Samantha that I only bought 1 from the sales lady and Samantha informed me that I got a discounted price, only applicable when you buy 3 cartridges. I told her that I'm not going to pay and then she told me that they are going to blacklist our company. In the end I gave in and we had an agreement that she can deliver the 2nd cartridge on 25/08/08 & that we will take the 3rd cartridge in a months time.
    The 2nd cartridge arrived at our offices and the following day Mrs van der Merwe phoned stating that I have to take the 3rd otherwise they will blacklist us. I phoned my attorney and she stated that this is a scam and I should not pay for the 3rd, otherwise they will keep on balckmailing me into taking more. We sent this info to newspapers hoping they would investigate it.

  • St
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    We were phoned by Gibela in February 2009 asking to buy cartridges that would apparently print 30 000 copies. We were very doubtfull and said we will try one cartridge each for two printers. So we ordered one cartridge for each printer.

    One cartridge for each printer were delivered and we paid for it. The next day Samantha phoned to tell they must still send us two cartridges for each printer. I told her that we were never told that they only sell bulk and refused to receive more cartridges. We were threatened by her saying that they will report us to the school board, etc. In the end we agreed to take one more cartridge for each printer.

    It was received and payed for. When we wanted to use the one printer's cartridge we realised that it was the wrong cartridge that was send to us. I phoned Samantha immediately and she promised to replace it with the correct cartridges. It is now two months later and we still did not receive the correct cartridges.

    When we try and phone the voice only says the persons are busy with another call or the phoned is turned off now. When ever we do get through and someone answers the phone they either just put the phone down or you just get put on hold.

    We are realy desperate.

  • Fg
      22nd of Oct, 2009
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    After a silence of 2 years this company surfaced agaist claiming that there is still 8 cartdiges outstanding on our order. Similarf to comments above. I ordered 2 cartridges, was phned two or three days later wit the story that the price they offered was actually for 10 cartdiges and now 2 years later the cartridges comes in pallates of 20.

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