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El Feb 12, 2019
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How trustworthy is this company?
It's easy to decide. Just open their website and check how much information they have, how comprehensive and complete it is, maybe they haven't mentioned something important. It often happens.
As for GGV Capital, it's not hard to see.
First of all, they have four branches, each of them has contact details like phone numbers. The team is big and it's also mentioned what country everyone lives in.
I rarely see things like this.
The portfolio is decent as well.
Any disadvantages in my opinion? Not really, un this case it's not a sign of scammers, but I would definitely change the team introduction. It has to be more balanced, there should be one style. Stuff like that.
Of course, it would be nice if they also listed conditions for those who want to be invested in. People wouldn't have wasted time on calls.
Think about it.

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