Gexa Energy / Ridiculous Fees

TX, United States
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I called today to inquire about the nature of several charges from TNMP (TX New Mexico Power) on my bill that totalled $32.oo. The CS rep was rude and unknowledgeable. He kept pointing out that was the plan I had choen and was only able to spot legal jargon when I asked him to explain the charges. Finally I asked for a Supervisor (though he assured me the Supervisor would only tell me what he had. After almost 10 minutes on hold I hung up. I found what I needed on the internet instead (thank you Google).

Gexa is merely the retail provider of TNMP. One of the charges on my bill - the "Competition Transition charge" - is a charge for TNMP to be able to compete in the unregulated electrical industry, $3.00. TNMP was forced during the de-regulation to split into separate entities (a Distribution Facility and a Transmission Facility) for which I am charged two separate charges. The DF gets the bulk at $18.00, the TF gets $5.00. The total amount I am charged each month is roughly $33.00 in addition to my monthly usage by Gexa of .107 kw/h.

After comparing my bill with a co-workers I have decided NOT to renew my contract when it expires in December 2010. In fact, no TX electrical provider will ever get my business again. My co-worker's bill is from Spark Electric and she has only about $3.00 total in extra charges each month. Plus she pays a lower rate.

BTW, if you get disconnected you have to pay BOTH Gexa and TXNP fees related to that.


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