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I made a reservation for RV almost a month prior to my vacation date. Getrv charged my card of full amount and all the papers were signed. However, just a few days before the pick up date, the owner of the vehicle cancelled without any notification the agreement and to my absolute astonishment refused to fulfill its obligations as a mediator by clearly choosing the owner's side. It turned out that according to their agreement, an owner has all rights to cancel the contract whenever s/he chose so without any explanation and without any penalty fees.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, TXIf however a renter chose to do the same less then 30 days prior to the scheduled pick up, it would cost him loosing the full contract amount. GetRV even charged me $100 of so called processing fee and it took me an hour of intensive talk with its manager to fight this charge back. No replacement of RV was offered at the cancellation time. It was a pure luck that I managed to find a last minute substitution on my own so my vacation was not ruined. I am totally stunned and angry by the unequally GetRV treats their renters as opposite to owners. While GetRV imposes harsh cancellation fees on renters, it refuses to admit any responsibility for the RV owner who refused to provide the vehicle as agreed in the contract.

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      Mar 23, 2009 - Does not care about customer satisfaction
    United States

    GetRV set up a rental RV for us through an RV rental company in Orlando. We had a lot of electrical problems with the RV and asked for a rebate of some of the money we were paying, which was agreed to by the owner of the local company. Well, we were promised a refund, but the owner gradually stopped returning our calls-- and we never got the money back.

    We told GetRV about this, and they promised to contact the local RV owner and get our money for us. They were nice enough on the phone, but their inaction speaks volumes about how much they really care about their customers. We called tham back again and again, hoping to get some action, or at least more than "we will look into it and let you know". It has now been a year since that time.

    I hope eveyone out there realizes that, when you are on vacation, the last thing you want to do is be nasty about problems that come your way. But I will never use GetRV again, and I hope you will think twice.

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