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This site is a shame and its perverted practices knows no limit

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United States
This site is a shame and its perverted practices knows no limit. I would not trust it at all from my own personal experiences. Definitely not to be trusted.
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D  24th of Nov, 2011 by    -3 Votes
Hi, this is Eduard from www.getrussianwife.com
Let me give you a little background on the man who is posting negative reviews of my site. He first started harassing me on one of the Russian women forums. He expressed great anger that my site didn't feature photos of black men with white women on the home page. He also made a threat that unless I put photos of interracial couples (black men with white women) on the home page of my web site he was going to do everything in his power to discredit my service and damage my reputation - which is exactly what he is trying to do here. The man is a reverse racist who believes that a black man is somehow better for a white woman, that white women should be with black men and he's been pushing this agenda on several Internet forums. His behavior on those forums was inflammatory and psychopathhic therefor he was banned from posting there. I'm not a racist and worked with clients of different races and color of skin. But I will not submit to demands of a racist psychopath stalker.

All three negative reviews of www.getrussianwife.com on this site by Owattes, Pelmere and DR. HYDE are from the same person who used the name Sterlin2010 or Sterlin S. on the forums that banned him. This can be easily verified by the mods here if they check his IP. I'm positive that they will find that all 3 posters have the same IP that originates in Trinidad and Tobago. But even without checking the IP his writing style is unmistakable.

Furthermore, Sterlin/Owattes/Pelmere/DR. HYDE or what ever other name he decides to use on the Internet has NEVER been a client of mine and www.getrussianwife.com and has no clue what my services are about or what I charge. He feels that he is entitled to a special treatment and when he doesn't get his way he makes up lies and goes on a slander campaign. He went as far as asked one of my former clients to pay for him to use my services! How pathetic is that?

I think that the administration of this site should have a way for businesses to dispute libelous and fraudulent claims such as this ones from Owattes, Pelmere and DR. HYDE which happens to be the same individual.

In order to give a truthful review of a service one must be a client and not just make up some stories with no basis in truth.
N  5th of Dec, 2011 by    -3 Votes
I would recommend getrussianwife.com used the service and very pleased with results.
The guy who posts negative crap about getrussianwife is a known liar and a reverse racist. His name is Sterlin Sookoo from Trinidad and Tobago
N  7th of Dec, 2011 by    -3 Votes
To understand who is the man behind the negative comments about getrussianwife.com read this thread on RUA forum::
"Re: Sterlin's Race Debate (aka "the advertisements are only about white men")"
N  15th of Dec, 2011 by    -3 Votes
another "insightful" thread by Sterlin Sookoo
A  25th of Mar, 2012 by    +2 Votes
Individual Responds: Name Defended

Steve from Florida (a.k.a Scott411) you wish people "happiness" and "nice wishes" and then you destroy others with your slander and hatred. You want to talk about being "happy" and attempt to slander and destroy individuals using this site? Nevertheless I am here to defend my name. Since this more or less is about Eduard from the site you have mentioned I will let you tell him. Thank you TruthIsNowTold as my good friend who defended me who came on this site originally for my defense but stayed because you saw a need to help people become aware. Thank you again.

We all make mistakes and I did and people can speak differently and can change their minds later on but I am not in these peoples minds like Steve from Florida what they make me out to be because they do not know me at all personally..

First and foremost, I am absolutely 100% Not TruthisNowTold who is from Atlanta, GA in the United States. Also as well TruthisNowTold has not in his complaints even mentioned the site that is highlighted in this complaint that belongs to Eduard that Steve mentions.
Secondly, I Do Not Blacklist sites. The major one I have had issue with was the site that belongs to Eduard mentioned in this complaint. This issue is about this One site. Yes I had issue with just a couple but they have been forgotten and I have moved on from those issues. Again the major issue has been with just One site. However since they of that site especially Steve have wished to war with me I have decided to come to a Truce with Eduard that I will speak about Today. Steve Since you are in touch with Eduard take back this word to him.
Thirdly Owattes, Pelmere and DR. HYDE-Sorry you have me wrong there. I am definitely not responsible for the postings of others and are definitely 100% not them.


To begin with, I am willing to work with you Eduard to get complaints that were previously posted about your site removed as long as the others against me are also removed as well. I ask that you contact those who posted for you against me in your "defense" to get these misleading slanderous complaints like this one completely removed and by that I mean Steve especially.
Next, (1) I am more than willing to participate in your services and (2) more than willing to put up my picture on your site's front advertisement and (3) I am more than willing to post a substantial review about your site once I am successful with your services. As you said Eduard "In order to give a truthful review of a service one must be a client" Well I wish to be a client and wish to begin to work with you firstly in the taking down of other complaints.
Let me see how much sincerity you actually claim to have with someone who is willing to have a Truce with you and how much of your helpfulness and that sincerity you talked about that you are indeed willing to show to help someone who asks for it as has been claimed by the others. I stretch out my hand now will you stretch out yours?

Please feel more than free to send me a message on this site...I will be waiting on your "sincere" reply. So you will see that I am not the person others like you are claiming about and I am willing to go the extra mile with you Eduard if you are willing to do so with me.

Again feel free to more than contact me using the message function of this site where I think you can send messages to another person though I am not sure if you want this since my words are very much sincere but I am for certain as of now-not sure about yours. You do not know me personally and I am Not a Monster.
Let us End this once and for all and let us work together to resolve the differences that happened before in the past. You can also contact me at: 18683203675. Looking forward to hearing from you and we shall discuss the removal of complaints firstly with your contact.
A  6th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes

I did not post this for the sake or argument but for the sake of resolution. It matters not if you want to speak about a "disagreement or not" as you wish to interpret it but If one really cares about their "business" as they speak then when someone comes to them and says let us work hand in hand to resolve issues then that shows Eduard that there are ethical and honest and excellent. Avoiding this only shows the opposite as well as taking someone else's personal contact information. No one will agree with anyone taking their personal contact as a business practice and posting it all over the place-No one. I have also reviewed the sitejabber site (where my presence is not seen) and its post and have seen that the information that someone posted there (which happens not to be me and you can feel free to check with sitejabber on that ) is Business Contact Information Not Personal Contact Information which you have taken from me inclusive of pictures might I add.
However, I had a business matter one time with a business and they posted their number and then I contacted them and they contacted me back. We were able to resolve all matters together and I posted a commendation of them that stated I had nothing more than respect for them and in my commendation I indeed said so. They were very happy that we were able to work hand in hand and they saw that I was very reasonable with them and today we have nothing more than Respect for one another.
Again avoiding the issue does not show anything in regards to business ethics or honesty or excellence at all. Only coming together shows such to resolve all issues and complaints.
So the ball is in your court as they say Eduard where you can look to the past or look to the future and bring an END to all matters at hand. I can assure you I have no intentions concerning other postings about your business and I only wish to resolve the previous posts where all were not done by me. So You can show my family is last and your business is first or you can have equal consideration for my family. The choice is yours.
Do the Right Thing And Let Us Come Together and Work on All Previous Postings. You think that people cannot change their minds about things? You are Wrong. You don't know me well enough to think that and Again I say let us come together to resolve all matters before us by seeing about these other postings and how we can deal with them-That is the issue there.
Eduard you can talk about some issue or "disagreement" on some forum that I DO NOT CARE to even go back on or have any interest in again or we can look to the future and see about the resolution of all past postings because people CAN change if we let them.
Either My family is EQUAL or Your Business is First And My Family Is Last.

My numbers again are:

I look forward to your reply and you will hear my ideas about how we can address the previous postings all of which are not mines. You cannot say that I have not reached out to you and that is a fact that is clearly shown here. Now will you reach out to me is what is left to be seen.
I await your PHONE REPLY.
In addition let the record also show:
Firstly that I intend upon CONTACT for the purposes of resolution to post a COMMENDATION of your site which is what resolution is all about..
Secondly my comments stay until I hear from you and I have given you more than enough ways to contact me by phone and let the Record also show that I am more than willing to resolve all matters. One cannot say that I haven't been willing at all.
Thirdly let the record also state that I am for Peace and Not War and I am indeed showing that.
N  8th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Sterlin Sookoo,
it's a shame that you still prefer to lie and do not admit that all those negative reviews were done by you under different names. You are saying that the posts you left on Sitejabber about my site are no longer there. You are right, they are no longer there because I was able to contact the administration of that site and presented them with the facts. You posted on that site under a few different names as well. You started with Sterlin S. Then also posted as Acid B. and a couple of other nick names. The admin of sitejabber checked the IP where all those comments came from and guess what? They were all the same IP - your IP. So they promptly removed your comments from Sitejabber. Stop liying and come clean for once. I know that none of my clients posted anything but positive feedback about my services. On the other hand you did threaten to harm my reputation if I didn't put photos of interracial couples (specifically black men with white women) on the home page of my site and this is exactly what you were trying to do with your negative comments under different names. The only reason you are trying to "resolve" this now is because you realise that all this dumb racist crap that you had posted on different forums is now hurting you too because when people google "Workable Words: Deep Words for Simple Living" by author Sterlin Sookoo they find all this terrible racist stuff that you had posted in the passed and probably will have second thoughts about buying your book because of that. You are trying to be a life coach to others with your book "Workable Words: Deep Words for Simple Living", while acting like an ignorant racist fool and people can easily see that, Sterlin Sookoo.
There is no need for me to call you on the phone. I have told you already what needs to be done. You must remove all the negative, untruthful comments about me and my service that you posted under different names. Once that is done let me know and I will see what I can do about removing my comments that are truthful and honest by the way.

PS. If you are so concerned with your privacy, why did you post 3 of your phone numbers here, on an open fora for the whole world to see??? You could have easily contacted me priavately by email or Skype.
N  25th of Apr, 2012 by    +2 Votes
myheart2ukraine here for them half dozen or more slimy dirty ###s at ruadventures
i am not in2 all this sh*t with sterlin or the smug tomt i myheart2ukraine binns these trolls muchch
these trolls at ruadventures are many 2 be found for them half dozen who run the site for a muchch dirty $$$$$ are there day in day out & look or prey on the poor, poor lonely next american mug that comes along, but is coool if your in2 all this sh*t from these RU sh*t-heads
myheart2ukraine is a cooool cool guy living in ukraine with his 2 babes 1 babe a hott beautiful sexy woman the 2nd babe is a gorgeous 3 year-old terror called bertie
ok if you don`t know why myheart2ukraine attacks these old idiot sh*t-heads at ruadventures well get on google & find out or better still ask the vile dummies who sided with that idiot brain dead troll dogsoldier
looks like myheart2ukraine will is having the last laugh with that DOG as he waits waits waits for that entry visa for that poor poooor ukrainian woman who is much going 2 have a ### life with this rat DOG troll
UKRAINIAN RUSSIAN WOMAN MUCH NEED 2 BE INFORMED BIGTIME 2 THE WESTERN NUTTER MEN THEY MUCHCHCH WILL END UP WITH for any coool guy just have a look for yourself 2 ruadventures them arrogant sh*ty trolls with their stabbed back knife`s still covered in myheart2ukraine`s honest pure red given blood
myheart2ukraine :)
ps ruadventures daa i still write all my honest thoughts from UKRAINE not your western house.
pps weather forecast for myheart2ukraine is very cooool & sunny this is same same same daaa brilliant life
A  25th of Apr, 2012 by    +2 Votes

In regards to my phone number Eduard you left me with NO OTHER CHOICE-At least Eduard I have tried to show you that I am more than willing to work hand in hand with you. I posted my phone numbers because You Already Had Invaded My Privacy Already Eduard sadly. I have asked to work hand in hand with you Eduard to handle these posts.

YET YOU AVOID THIS????????? Now that really takes the Cake when it comes to being sensible. I never said I was unwilling I said I am MORE THAN WILLING but we need to do it together-Hence the reason for my phone numbers, Eduard

As for the posts here on this site. I believe they were taken from the sitejabber.com site and posted here. I had no knowledge of this at all. Be careful. Who told you that I was a racist or a fool. I am NOT a racist. What exactly do you know about me Eduard? You only know what you THINK you know.
Check and see the IP address for these posts Eduard on this site if you can and you will see that they did not come from my location AT ALL.
Nonetheless my phone number is above. I want to see all rectified but we will do it HAND IN HAND Eduard. It is the Reason Eduard I purposefully decided to post my numbers and ask you to contact me.
If I did not care about rectification I would not have asked for you to contact me. YOU already invaded my privacy Eduard I am asking again for us to work hand in hand to see all rectified. There is indeed a way only if we work together.

N.B. As for the book its doing fine but the issue is NOT about ANY book but the INVASION OF PRIVACY-Mines and My Family's and NO person will agree with that as being any sound business practice at all.
A  26th of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Clarification: This is only about ONE site that's ALL. Concerning the forum. Doesn't bother me again. The End To That. Besides that was all last year 2011.
As for the posts Eduard I am working on them but I will need your help to work on a couple others. Let's resolve all. I will post my results later on.
A  26th of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
The posts were DISAGREEMENTS.
N  26th of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
daa & the sunshines comes out off your so soooo clean ### tomt
remember myheart2ukraine knows how this sh*t ruadventure site is run
tomt hope you found your way 2 rivne-english forum for up 2date info on your crap. any guy who attacks ruadventures is a friend off mine OK
the last i remember our ED was having a right sh*ty ding-dong with your english creep part-owner manny smith, the pooooor old ED!!
i myheart2ukraine has unfinished buisness with ruadventuers & will put the knife anyways i can it 2 this sh*t site on the internet that should be closed down 2day biggg-time
any guys reading this remember myheart2ukraine lives breaths UKRAINE with a smile from his cooool ukrainian dacha with biggg ukrainian cow-pad 2 boot 2 for him 2 step-in daa is ukraine
tomt from your rubbish america DASVIDANYA 2 you carry on reading this at COMPLAINTS, COM
N  27th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Eduard owner of getrussianwoman.com or whatever site you own past/present you deserve all get from COMPLAINTS.COM
There was a time at that bullsh*t ruadventures you compaired myself, BRIT (myheart2ukraine) 2 the COMPLAINER here having a BIGGG go at yourself, now i myheart2ukraine return with interest the smug american tosh you dish out on the internet 2 any honest guy who disagree`s with all your sh*t
ED stop being so full of yourself with your crap/smug RUSSIAN/AMERICAN BULLSH*T 2 the MOB buisness is dirty as you much know & your up there at the top off this vile pile so why pretend your so clean & honest. THE COMPLAINER HAS YOU BY YOUR RUSSIAN BALLS & myheart2ukraine says good-luck 2 him for sorting your arrogance out & DE-BALLING YOU BIGGGGG
N  27th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Next myheart2ukraine turns his attention 2 this...
This american pratt has been on these forums (just google this american nutter) for so long now i think the dinosaurs will make a magnificent comeback before this weird creep meets his maker
This smooth creep once on that bullsh*t site ruadventures compaired myheart2ukraine 2 TRAILER-TRASH. Daaa TOMT with all this SH*T you dish out on all your net forums you is one WEIRDO, for wasn`t you born in a TRAILER-TRASH yard you know so much about
PALSHOLSTA please keep your american smug vile rubbish 2 yourself & you carry on with your even dirtier english pal owner off ruadventures SMITH in2 how you can make more DIRTIER $$$$$$$$$$ from the MOB buisness from poor old wet behind the ears AMERICAN guy
Guys this american tosser writes all his bullsh*t from his yankee home with his dirty gang off DESPERADO`S only wanting the next honest $$$$$$ from an american/english sucker for, while i myheart2ukraine lives in a dacha just being a normal guy with his Ukrainian family but with the classss 2 sort this weirdo-out much now & in2 the future
Tomt now get your dirty american head from up your ### & see the real world if you can for this is COMPLAINTS.COM and not im smug weird Tomt on DEFEND.COM 2 all the bullsh*t off the UKRAINIAN / RUSSIAN MOB buisness you mistake for an AMERICAN
N  16th of May, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Ed, my friend, I wouldn't dignify these two nut jobs with a response. Every one knows that you have a great service to offer and you have plenty of satisfied clients to prove it. There will always be crazy idiots like these and you can't spend your time responding to them.
Just in case any one reads all this crap above:
Ed from getrussianwife.com did an excellent job for me. His expert knowledge of Russian women, Russian culture and international relationships was extremely valuable. I think his strength is in being a relationship coach and he should really emphasize that side of his service. But he was also great at organizing the trip, finding inexpensive apartments for us to stay at, negotiating prices with local service providers, etc. He really saved me a bundle. He is not cheap but worth every penny. And most importantly I'm now married to a beautiful Russian girl.
I give getrussianwife an A++ rating. Thank you Ed!
N  16th of May, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Mark_IL ... are you one of the many fictitious internet trolls our ED dreams up 2 keep up his free, FREEEE holidays 2 Moscow and back paid for by you the said, said sad, sad lonely Americans the poor fools!.
Mark_IL... everybody know myheart2ukraine is a coool Brit living guy living in his dacha in Ukraine with his babes Lyudmila and terror son. But you just write what any idiot troll would write in love with our ED aarrhhhh.
Mark_IL... you big American dummy mate we all here on the internet need the honest proof 2 your writings. SO GIVE IT 2 US MATE OR TROLL IT 2 US PRONTO?
Mark_IL... ie, your true $$$$$$ payment 2 our ED. Your dates of visit 2 Russia (how many) & your date of marriage 2 said Russian woman. Photo of you the happy couple plus your email address and anything else that you think we might need 2 proof your a honest genuine guy and not another TROLL TROLLY our ED dreams up again, only then MARK will myheart2ukraine and others reading will be satisfied your not yet again another of our EDs now famous Im a happy TROLLY with a beautiful Russian wife arrrhhhh!!.
Mark_IL, myheart2ukraine hates writing 2 internet trolls but it has 2 be done so be a doll Mark and send me all the above quickly aaaah.
Our ED see your not on that sh*t vile site RUADVENTURES.COM anymore, daa you had a big fall-out 2 with that Northern Brit wanker / tosser owner of said sh*t site STUART MANNY SMITH daa please imform us all?.
2 finish for now i must stop being a nut-job but its hard for us Brits with all that inbreeding you knows goes on, on that tiny little faraway island of nutty nut Brit-Land. Now i back 2 my kennel in my yard by my dacha, life is tough for...
N  1st of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
myheart2ukraine has now unsubscribed 2 the complaint: end of story.

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