Get It Right Transmissions And PartsTransmission leaking missing parts and doesnt work

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I also bought a trans from these tards back in jan 09. They tried to double charge me for shipping and the trans i got was no better than the one i took out. It supposed to have been rebuilt with allthe best parts and 2 year warranty. Now my car still isnt right and i could never get any one on the phone that knew anything. They never returned my calls or emails. And when i did talk to someone they couldnt find my account info. I have less than a year left on my "warranty" but i cant get in touch with anyone. Guess ill just have to bite a 1500$ bullet.

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      May 07, 2009

    I bought a trans from scott, got it it ran for 6 hrs and blew up, they wont call me back now for a month. The ladie that answers the phone says that they say they will call me. I have text steve and and called scotts home, wont call me back I have told them i will send the trans back all i want is my money... This man is a true rip off

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  • Ma
      Jul 27, 2009

    I too bought a transmission from these yahoos and got ripped off bigtime. The trans was junk and cost too much to pull it out and send it back. They have taken down their website and good luck finding them. I'm sure they will change their name, again! 7/27/09

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