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Watch out for them. I was stranded in Galveston when the port closed and our cruise ship could not sail. Using my phone I tried to find a place to stay with shuttle. I thought I was calling the hotel to find the price - it looked like they cloned the hotel site so I got Get a Room (they did not disclose that's who they were). The person was quite helpful and booked me in just a few minutes. She quoted the hotel price at $96, said with taxes and fees it would be $111, that because we were booking for the same day it would not be refundable, and asked for my approval to charge that amount which I gave with my credit card info. When I got to the hotel there was no record of a reservation. After 20 minute's hold Get a Room answered and said they did book with the hotel. Checked back with the desk, still nothing in their computer. After another 10 minutes on hold, I hung up and checked back with the desk which confirmed they got a call from Get a Room that it had booked, but the hotel still had not gotten notice in their computer so they couldn't give us the room. We felt stranded in a strange city with no options because we could not get a refund. An hour after arriving at the hotel they confirmed they got the booking and told me the cost of the room plus tax was $79. I thought $32 (40%) was a bit stiff for a few minute's work and a huge hassle. I checked my email receipt and found they charged $131, which of course I did NOT approve and made their fee $52 or 66%! I complained and they refunded $25. But the point is to charge more than what I verbally approved is fraud!

Jan 29, 2017
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      Apr 21, 2017

    IMO, this organization should be avoided at all costs. I had the same thing happen to me. I wanted to call the hotel (Hampton Inn) directly to see if they'd honor the same price as Priceline. I googled The Hampton Inn on my Smartphone, checking to make sure the web site address was actually that of the hotel chain. When I called and a foreigner answered the phone, I was suspicious and I asked specifically if this was "The Hampdon Inn's direct line." The agent told me yes and after a few more minutes, I was suspicious again because he didn't seem to know much about the property, so I asked again if I was, in fact, speaking with "the Hampton Inn" and I was reassured again. They honored the price of $107/night and I asked to make sure there weren't any add-on fees and the agent assured me there were none. When he quoted me the final price, it was $318, which didn't compute for two nights at $107 + tax. I told the agent that this didn't sound right and he assured me it was the nightly room rate plus tax and nothing else. I was suspicious, but justified the fact that this was Florida, and because Florida didn't have state income tax, maybe they taxed a high rate on their hotels. Bottom line, when I received the email confirmation, it was from GetaRoom, NOT "The Hampton Inn" as I kept asking the agent. The reservation was also deceptive because the email simply gives you the reservation number, the hotel location and the TOTAL amount charged. To get the details of the charge, you have to go to a separate link (which they're hoping you won't do) and even then, they simply have a line item called "tax recovery and service fees." In my case, this was $79.94, which included a service fee, but I had no way of knowing how much. I was obviously upset about being lied to three times by this agent, so I finally found the correct phone number for the Hampton Inn and was able to book at the same $107 rate, but the total was $252, rather than $318, so there was a $66 service fee buried in the tax charges. I tried calling GetaRoom to tell them I'm been deceived and lied to and that I was cancelling and re-booking with the hotel directly, but the phone number on the receipt was busy. 30 minutes after my initial booking, I called American Express and they assured me they'd take care of it, but just in case, upon arrival, I still had the Hampton Inn cancel my "GetaRoom" reservation. Well, this has been a nightmare. American Express still charged me for the $352 from GetARoom AND I was charged the $252 from the Hampton Inn. I called Amex and they assured me again they'd take care of it and they did delete it from my charges, however, the next month, it showed up on my bill again. Today is the THIRD time the charge has been reversed only to show up the next month. What a nightmare and all because of this DECEPTIVE COMPANY. Maybe the agent was simply a bad apple, but the fact that the website appeared to be the Hampton Inn website (it was very deceiving), I think the whole company is probably rotten. I wouldn't go near them unless you either want to pay more than you should or you want to waste a lot of time trying to get the charges reversed. I hope this info helps someone avoid a big headache!

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