Gestalt Cryptorip-off

Judging by their own words, this company is "an investment incubator fund focused on small-market capitalization cryptocurrencies" that was found in 2018.
Tell me how in the world their website can look the way it does when it's 2018?!
I have no doubts it's a scam, a genuine and flat scam!!
Let's look through all the three pages they have.
1. The main page. Empty. No information, no pictures. Nothing. Hmmm what a great beginning!
2. The team page. Oh god, all of them look so suspicious. Of course, the photos of them are in the wors quality, no detailed information. After reading their shortest bio in the world you will not understand who they are. No wonder why.
3. And the last page. Fund Performance. Not really interesting to read this crap, I only can say that it was last updated in October 2018.
I think I also have to mention that their logo is not a logo, but a text. That's all.
It's a scam.

Dec 05, 2018

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