Gershon CarpetsAnn Gershon Gershon Carpets Tries To Rip Off Subnet Consulting Inc.

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Please read her complaint at

Now read my comments and proof that American Express DID NOT REFUND HER CREDIT CARD AND WE WERE ABLE TO KEEP THE PAYMENT. We sent them her signed contract and a copy of all of the documentation including her emails she sent us requesting PPC data about the cost of her competitors PPC pricing on Google. Ann Gershon from was trying to get free data from us without paying but her credit card company sided with us on this matter. We do not try to rip off anyone and only provide quality services at low prices to help our customers. There was no fraud in this case and Ann Gershon from tried to defraud us and use American Express to do her bidding for her which did not work out for her. Anyone that would like a copy of her details and signed contract and emails please request it and you will receive it.

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      Mar 19, 2009

    Well folks, if you are on the complaint board there is usually a reason. I have unfortunately had dealings with Craig at subnet consulting too. Wow, I have never met someone so insistent on having a contract signed in my life. I now know why--the more you know the more you want away!

    I switched to Jeff Kivett at What a breath of fresh air. He did my website in a week and only asked to be paid when we were satisfied. We are, and he is paid in full. What a novel idea--do the work to the customers satisfaction (my satisfaction not yours Craig) and then asked to be payed. Craig was payed in full, but we are not satisfied and a request for a refund was offensively rejected.

    Good Luck...and I hope this helps you in building your website. It was way tougher than it should have been.

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