Gerry Lane Buick-GMC / a/c not working on gmc acadia

1 Baton Rouge, LA, US

I would like to start by saying I'm not one to write reviews. If I don't like the service, I don't go back to a place of business. If the service was good, I'm a loyal customer.
This review isn't good. As a matter of fact, I feel so strongly about the poor service I received that I made it a point to write this review.
I own a 2011 GMC Acadia. I started having problems with my A/C not blowing cool and brought the car to the dealership. Gerry Lane GMC, 6505 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.
My philospy has always been (until now) that the car dealership would be costly, but the repairs would be done right. So I called to scheduled an appointment.
Once the Service Department inspected my vehicle, I was told the condenser was leaking and needed replacement. A few other items were brought to my attention so I had the air filter, and lower left mount and front strut mount replaced as well. I spent $1, 628.53 for these repairs on September 6, 2017.
The A/C worked, but less than two months later, the temperature dropped to the 40's, requiring me to turn on my heater on the way to work one morning. At the end of the day when leaving work, the temperature was in the low 70's. When I tried to switched back to the A/C, it didn‘t work. It blew warm air, even when I lowered the A/C temperature to 60 degrees.
I called the Service Department again and made an appointment to get the A/C checked. I dropped my Acadia off on Sunday at noon, November 5th because I wanted to be first in line. Got a call at the end of the day, on Monday, November 6 that my rear evaporator coil needed to be replaced. Again I agreed to have the work done. This time it cost $1, 070.22 for the repairs on November 8, 2017. When driving my vehicle home, I turned on the A/C and noticed it wasn't blowing cool, just like when I brought the vehicle in.
Nevertheless I was excited to have my vehicle back after 3 days in the shop. For two days I tried several times to turn on the A/C, only getting the same results. Finally I brought my vehicle back on Friday afternoon, November 10th. This time I went straight to the Service Manager, Todd Suprun, and complained about the money I'd spent on A/C repairs and it still wasn't working.
Todd drove my vehicle into the shop to discuss my concerns with the technician. Two hours later, I was told by Todd that I had a leaking A/C hose, and possibly the front evaporator coil needed to be replaced! Todd told me there was no sense adding refrigerant since it would leak out. I reminded Todd that the A/C wasn't working when I picked up my vehicle two days before. I inquired about why the leak wasn't dected and fixed the first time. This didn't make sense.
Todd Suprun told me my 2011 Acadia was an old vehicle with worn parts. He proceeded to explain that a leak will take the "path of least resistence". They could chase the leak but it wouldn't be for free, he'd have to charge me. But he would "work with me on the cost" as much as possible. I voiced my objection once again. I told Todd that I'd owned several vehicles and bought plenty of used vehicles for my children. My children have owned vehicles over 6 years old, and never had to have major A/C parts replaced.
My objections were to no avail. It wasn't long before closing, so they drove my Acadia back around, Todd handed me the keys, and said he had my number and would call me on Monday, with a price for repairs.
Today is Friday, November 17th. I called and left a message for Todd since I hadn't heard back all week. Todd just called me back @ 2:15 pm with an estimate of $2, 282 to replace the A/C hose and front evaporator coil. He would discount the price, of course, to $1, 279. He stressed that he couldn't guarantee there wouldn't be more leaks.
Hence I'm writing this negative review. I'm angry, hot, and feel robbed of $2, 698.75. I'm disappointed with Gerry Lane GMC Service Department and upset that I have NO WORKING AIR CONDITIONER. I feel the Service Department totally ripped me off and I will not spend another nickel at this dealership.
I want my $2, 698.75 back from Gerry Lane GMC so I can go somewhere else, where a CUSTOMER is valued, and the service is done right the first time.

Nov 18, 2017

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