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1 Schotland
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Never in my life time have i ever met a liar like Frank mc Carron.From Perth in Scotland.
I never signed a fee agreement with this company.
I paid him 15k stg told me he could get me funding.

Told me so much BS do not trust this scammer.

Lies and more lies
Told me he was chaging 2% then on the agreement i never signed it was 1%.

All he wants is money greedy man.

Never do anything with these people.

my funds are gone i know that.
But im trying to warn people about them and not to get done like i was.

Contact me if you need any proof on these people.

Again he was charging me 350 stg per hour and told me to check the fee agreement.

I never signed one either did he so how can he charge me for time when there was no

Also said he would send back the 5k.

Never did said it was gone.

Dont get done like i was.

Mar 27, 2013

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