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Germanwings Airlines- / Discriminatory mistreatment at Stuttgart airport

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This is a letter sent to the CEO of Germanwings, complaint department and others and still waiting for a response:

Please sir, I hope you take the time to read this and assist us in this matter. I believe most problems are solved once the head receives the information. I have sent your email complaint department four emails with no response. I have contacted the Stuttgart airport authorities, Human rights organization in Germany, the UN office in Europe, and many other organizations regarding this problem. Like I mention before I think the best way to solve a problem is to address it to the head. The complaint goes as follows:

On July 18th, at the airport in Stuttgart at 8:30am I was boarding a flight in your airline on a trip to Barcelona and I was mistreated by one of your employees. I want to file a complaint and I will find a lawyer in this process. I was treated worse than an animal. The person shouted and screamed at me as if I was a little child. I was totally humiliated and I believe that this woman discriminated against me. I arrived about 8:30am at Germanwings front desk to check in.

When I arrived to the check in after I scanned my luggage, the girl in the reception told me that my luggage was overweight, so I had to throw around 300. - €. worth of my clothing items in the garbage, many which were presents. Once more she told me I had excess weight so I decided to pay. She was extremely impolite and she did not care about me throwing my belongings in the trash. When I went to pay in the reception the young woman, who did not have her nametag on like the others, told me to pay 70. - €. When I told her that was very expensive, she started to shout at me and she reminded me if I had read the Germanwings weight requirements on Internet. Not having access to the Internet I told her no, I did not. If I had I would have certainly known. She was extremely angry when I paid so I told her not to scream at me and who did she think she was. She told me if I wanted problems I found them with her, and I told her I am the client and I paid for my ticket, and then she reacted with extreme anger treating me as if I was a petty criminal.

She threatened me by telling me if I wanted to spend more time in Germany. She said if I wanted problems she would gladly create them for me. She also he told me that if I want to spend my time at the Airport or that she could call the Police and get me deported for my attitude and to be careful about what I was telling her. All this I a low threatening voice so no one else could hear her so I was frightened by her threats. I was in shock when she stopped me at check in and she check again not only my luggage weight but my carry on and my personal belongings, of course I was overweight, and I was forced to pay another 70.-€ for my backpack excess weight.

I started to cry, I had to throw away more belongings. I verified that she did not check other persons carry on luggage, only mine. She screamed at me in front of others, she checked again in the scanner more than 3 times. This woman scared me, staring at my eyes as if wanting to kill me, without looking away in a very threatening way. When I asked her for her name she told me with sarcasm if I wanted her telephone number or her address too, because she cannot give that information she was laughing at me again. No one did anything to come to my rescue. The guy who was working there just looked at us and the other girls next to her who did nothing either. I placed a complaint in Commerce of Cataluna complaint Center for Consumidores, and went to the police, and I also complained in the International airport of Barcelona.

I was mistreated, HUMILIATED, discriminated against, and I want compensation. I also was unable to receive my tax return money because of your bad employee, by retaining me until we had to board. Her last name is Frau Stange, which is all she would tell me.

Another female employee felt very bad because she saw what happened and she told me not to cry, which I did for the entire day. She said she was a bad person. To try and enjoy my trip, but I could not. I won’t stop; I want an answer as soon as possible. I have already talked to my husband and we agreed that when I get back to the United States I will start to sue your company and I will let everyone know of the bad service that you offer to everybody. Perhaps you don’t care but I will not stop, this is the first time I feel somebody
discriminated against me. I am a brunette from South America and I feel you have to hire some nicer people for your company. It is a terrible experience to feel somebody is looking at you with complete lack of respect for who you are, just a person as her. I hope you have the time to look into this matter. Also that a company’s success is dependent on all the employees, especially those who deal with the customers.

This was emailed al0ng the last letter to the company several times.

Dear Sirs: My wife, Cristina Beard, has informed me of the terrible service she has received from your airline. Particularly the fact the she has been mistreated, humiliated, mocked, laughed at, discriminated against and threatened to be sent to police or deported by one of your employees. I have made a call to your company and I was given this email as a way to complaint against the company and the person that has caused punitive damages against my wife, mentioned in her letter sent to you via this email address.

Please be advised that we will pursue this matter to the full length of the law. We are in the process of seeking legal advice meaning attorneys, human rights organizations, and the US Embassy. Furthermore we will not rest until we have had satisfactory compensation for this awful experience you have subjected my wife to go through.

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  • Ma
      25th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too have lived a similar thing at the same airport during the 2007 winter holidays (it was a woman also in my case that mistreated me).

  • Ig
      19th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Why can I not log in to check in? at the airport Germanwings forced me to pay 30€ (instead of online 15€) for a rucksack - now, for the return flight: No eMail warning whatsoever and you cannot even log in!!!. Arbitrary or GewinnMaximierung at the highest -- a legal beheading im Namen des Volkes, eh? Thank you.

  • Yh
      28th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I too was denied boarding at Rome airport though I had my Italian travel document I would call what they did to me profiling ... and after all they refused giving me back my money but they said they will pay back fees and tax's which I have never seen yet ... all together it is the worst airline ever

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