Geraldo Hendrickse / Doctors Appointments

Dear Sir/Madam, my complaint is that I cannot seem to make an appointment to see the same doctor. when phoning for an appointment I am told that the doctor is fully booked for the day. I ask to see him the next day and I am told to call at 08.00 in the morning to see if there has been a cancellation, as usual no luck. I keep trying . at one time I was told that the doctor is fully booked for two weeks, I am over it I now have to go to another Medical Centre and start all over again and it is hard to register with another centre, the say that they have enough patients what can I do . I am a stage 1 diebetic and requier attention. It is very frustrating when one feels sick and cannot see the doctor you always see. I am sorry to bother you with this but I just need attention I am also 65 years old. There is alot that I can tell you but I am afraid to burn my bridges so to speek . Can you advise me please. Thank you .

Geraldo Hendrickse.

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