Georgio Brutiniproduct never received

This is the second time this has happened from this company. Once 2 yrs ago and I forgot and made mistake of ordering from them again. On Jan 17 2015 I ordered 3 pair of shoes. They billed my card on the same day. I received confirmation of order and free 4-7 day shipping. I received a call the next day telling me my order was being processed and would arrive in 2 shipments but not to worry as all 3 pair were in stock. I received one pair and started emailing and calling on Feb 1st inquiring about other two pair. As soon as I went to the website I remembered my last experience. You can call both numbers listed and email all you want but you will never talk with anyone or receive an answer to your email. I would like to see this company put out of business. I work hard for my money and do not have money to throw out like this. The shoe company they are representing should be informed and stop selling them their shoes to advertise on their site, (Georgio Brutini). I kept my end of the deal and believe they should keep their end.

Feb 02, 2015

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