Georgia Health Sciences University -Is Changing their name again / Constant Racism & Corruption

1 1120 15th St., Augusta, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 706-721-0211

Georgia Health Sciences University -Is Changing their name again to avoid the constant bad reputaion that this crappy hospital has earned because of frequent discrimination lawsuits filed against them..
Another Employee, an Administrator has filed a Discrimination lawsuit against GHSU, being harrassed and victimized by Campus Security for just checking his email! Numerous lawsuits & complaints have been filed against this Racist Hospital. Angelica Walker, a new employee was fired just for coming into work one minute late. Recently a nurse was fired for just ordering chinese food, on her lunch break. Ridiculous mandates and polices to stalk and harrass any Black man on campus who doesn't dress like employees, have mounted recordbreaking lawsuits against this historically racist & feminist institution. Even their patient advisory department is a joke, the hospital's administration does little to nothing to adequately address the more serious allegations against hospital staff; and police, such as: Sex offences, racial slurs, false arrests, library staff making personal phone calls all day during work, downloading pornographic material, ticketing drivers for non-traffic violations, barring mostly black men (employees/students) from using the same facilities as white employees, sexual discrimination, and embezzlement. Their Family Medicine clinic prescribing harmful mediciations and killing some of their own patients, encouraging homosexual doctors to sexually assualt patients, hospital staff cursing and physically threatening patients on a daily basis. Firing mostly black employees for committing the same violations that white employees will not get fired for, Supervisors verbally abusing their co-workers, not to mention this so-called college/hospital has 3 different business names for one Institution (MCG Health, Medical College of Georgia, and GHSU), and has changed Presidents more times than high schoolers have changed career choices! GHSU has often been exposed for hiring people (mostly whites and women) who are unqualified to work at their job positions, hiring ex-patients & people who have filed complaints against them, as Patient Advisors- to discourage them from filing future lawsuits against the hospital. The general public needs to be reminded of what this institution really represents, and GHSU is just one of many corrupt organizations that is an embarrssment to the state of Georgia...

Georgia Health Sciences University -Is Changing their name again

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