George Jones / new kiosk system @ haddon heights, nj office

Wednesday 11/22/2017 - 138PM There have been alot of complaints about your new kiosk system, Everytime a customer comes to have a blood test they must make all the same entries EVERY TIME!I find it onerous and time consuming. Sometimes it does not take. With a screen says are you there?? It would seem to me that if a patient/customer does it the first time YOUR computers should retain all the information. It took me three times this date to get it to take.We your customers need to be lityened to. I agree it is new to you and us; but you should the where withal to make the new system help us all. Having to use our drivers's licence and insurance car to be inputted as well as who we are again & again is something that your computers can retain; by name and age. All doctors and hospitals can do this. I have Sandin Orders from my doctor. I have been using LABCORP since 1993 George Jones; 856=546-5369

Nov 22, 2017

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