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Psycho stalker mental case George Gollin is harassing, threatening, stalking everyone who disagrees with his radical Marxist views! I have nothing to do with any "diploma mill" but this dangerous, violence-prone nutcase has been threatening me on the internet. He already is being sued in federal court for slander and extortion, but he needs to be put in jail for the safety of innocent people.

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  • Po
      30th of Apr, 2010

    Yee hah, silly fellow! You are a floopsie!

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  • Jm
      2nd of May, 2010

    George Gollin’s Liberian Shakedown Role Revealed In Court Docs

    CHEA director George Gollin (George D. Gollin, George Dana Gollin) took part in a Liberian shakedown operation intended to drive a Christian medical school out of business when it refused to pay bribes, documents filed in a Los Angeles federal court allege.

    Gollin, a notorious anti-Christian bigot and University of Illinois physics professor, played a key role in the shakedown directed against St. Luke School of Medicine, according to a complaint filed March 11, 2010. St. Luke students had an 88% pass rate on their medical licensing exams, an outstanding performance for a school in the heart of war-torn Liberia. But when the school declined to pay the bribes demanded by Liberian officials to continue its accreditation, defendant George Gollin designed and implemented a scurrilous publicity campaign to discredit the school as a “diploma mill, ” according to the complaint.

    Gollin claims to be an “expert” in accreditation, even though he has no background, education or experience in accreditation matters, and has never taught or taken a distance learning course. To promote himself and divert attention from his lack of achievement in his dead end academic career, in 2003 Gollin began stalking, threatening and harassing startup operations and small Christian schools that couldn't afford or refused formal government accreditation. Although he was ordered by University of Illinois administrators to discontinue these practices, he then joined forces with admitted homosexual Alan Contreras--an adjudicated anti-Christian bigot and civil rights violator--to continue and expand his sordid activities.

    Gollin’s employer, the University of Illinois, is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit. So far there has been no comment from the university about whether Gollin will continue to be employed there at taxpayer expense, or if he will be forced to resign in disgrace.

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  • Ge
      8th of Jan, 2012

    Crackpot George Gollin shown as he really is--what a crackpot! Crackpot! George D. Gollin Crackpot! George Dana Gollin Crackpot! CHEA Crackpot! Diploma mill Crackpot! Physics Crackpot! Crackpot Crackpot Crackpot Crackpot Crackpot

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  • Mo
      17th of Dec, 2015

    George Gollin has been convicted of violating the Illinois State Employees and Officials Ethics Act and fined $5, 000. George Gollin "knowingly and intentionally used his state-provided email account to engage in prohibited political activity." George Gollin admitted he knew he was misappropriating state resources when he sent "dozens" of campaign emails with his university email. The Executive Ethics Commission levied a $5, 000 fine against George Gollin, the maximum allowed under the statute.

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