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geonline services / statements/billing

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I just had some dental work done too and thought this card was a good idea to have the dental work done fast, boy am i freaking out now that i read all of these reviews complaining about the shady/illegal/unfair billing practices that is going on. Had i been able to read these reviews first i more than likely would have never went thru with obtaining this card, I have made my first payment so far and am watching my acct VERY CLOSELY! I have two charges one for$224.00 promo to end 11/10 &
$604.00 promo to end 8/10/09, i have noticed there is no way to pay the amts off if you just pay their recommended pmt, you really have to calculate and pay more to bring the balance down. my pmts due $25.00 when i made my first pmt of $30.00 they only put $11.77 of the 30 towards the $224.00. more of the pmt went towards the $604.00 not due until 2009. WTF? upon calling CS they said they always put about 3% towards the second balance. so be aware and watch your acct. I have not had any trouble w/ cs the 2x i have called but am not holding my breathe i'm sure they will show they're ugly head sooner or later.
Also i have noticed that they are not sending any statements to me by mail. even thru email. So i am left having to really keep track and remember what the hell is going on, it is now 09/25/08 and my second pmt is due on 10/05 or 10/06 and the only way that i know that is by logging into my acct, they do not send statements to email like they say they do either. I hate them already and am dreading when i make a final pmt i fear that they are going to try to screw me over too.
I hope they don't ever try to harass me by phone b/c hear in fla. it is against the law to make continuous phone calls threatening people even if you owe money. Keep very good records of pmts, tracking #'s, names, etc and threaten a lawyer if you have to, these people are bullies in my opinion and will get a lawyer with a quickness if i have too.

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