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Geo Vacations / Scam

1 United States

My husband and I were called on a vacation opportunity with Geo Vacations. After hearing the initial speel we thought this sounds interesting. We love to travel so we went to the presentation. After 2 hours with probably the best salesman in the country, we bought. We consider ourselves smart business people until we realized we had been duped!!

The free vacation to Hawaii, not free, you had to pay close to $800 to deposit the points which would then translate into a free vacation. We were never told that. We were told a free cruise to Mexico again only after we deposited the other 20, 000 points that we would have to pay close to $800 again to deposit. Again it was never disclosed. The free airline tickets we were never given. The show tickets given we never used.

After you sign the paper work they say you must wait 45 days before you can initiate anything. It dawned on us later that making us wait 45 days we were outside the window of 30 days when you can normally cancel a contract. Clever on their part. They started calling for maintenance fees right after we bought though we were unable to use anything.

When we went in to talk to them about the discrepancies the gentleman's exact quote to us was "There was a lot of things you were not told. That salesman is no longer with us. The free gifts are not part of us (though how would you know that they seemed part of them to us) There is nothing I can do for you there call this number.." Then he shared technically we didn't buy enough points in the first place and did we want to buy more right then and there with a discounted price. Wow!! We could not believe our ears.

We are going to stop the payments coming from our account. We are going to the Better Business Bureau and we are going to the top at corporate. We may or may not get anywhere but I am not going to continue to pay for something that was fraudulently represented. So anyone considering GEO vacations unless you want an experience like ours I would think twice.

These are opinions and actions that happened to us may not happen to someone else..

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