I wanted to let you all know about Genuine mails ( ) This company is horrible. They offer things that are way too good to be true, but tempting enough to give a try.

I signed up in April because I needed some extra money. I Upgraded my account so that I could get my money a little faster which cost $ 166.00 and they didn't have any problems contacting me through email to get the money from me. They also had no problem taking the money.

In may, I never received my money, but they deducted the $5, 000.00 from my earnings like they were gonna pay me. Months have gone by and they won't return my emails or my money. I have requested a pay out 2 more times since and then and I still have not received any money, but again, they took $ 5, 000.00 out of my earnings every time I requested a payout. These people are irritating and scamming people all over the web.

If you see a sign up offer, ignore it. I have earned money and wasted time, and now I am doing what I can to stop this from happening more. Especially since I convinced a few of my good friends to sign up too. They won't pay you, but they will take money from you in a heartbeat.

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