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I ordered one baby albino leopard gecko from this site. Like it was already said, the glowing testimonials on this site make it seem legit. While they promise only the healthiest animals, the one I got was shipped also substandard. The gecko was sick before even being shipped. He was thin, inactive, and lethargic. He only weighed half of what he should have at his age.

About an hour after receiving the lizard, I sent generalexotics an email, describing how disappointed I was in the condition of the animal. I provided pictures. The poor gecko died about 10 hours after I received him. I sent them an email the next day, explaining that the lizard died. I insisted on a refund of my money, including shipping. I thought it was ridiculous that they would even ship a gecko that was so obviously ill and undernourished. I waited two days.

Sent them another email, explaining my two previous emails, re-linking all the pictures (including one of the gecko now dead) and insisting on having a refund.

They have not replied to me a single time. I would never recommend this site to anyone.


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