General Motorslemon vin #1g1fd3ds5g0162768

I'm sending this email to document the issues we have been having with our 2016 Camaro Convertible.

We had the car for less than 1 week and we had to have the roof replaced because one of the small sliding doors won't close (we were told a cable was defective). We car was being fixed for almost 3 weeks at the dealer and to be honest they had no incentive to expedite so they didn't.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Spring, TX My wife had a crappy rental car that had to be changed out because it had "puke" from the previous renter. The dealership did nothing to help the situation.

Now she is at the dealership today as the vehicle is blowing hot air out of one side and cold air out of the other.

We are very disappointed that we spent over $45000 on a vehicle and again its is in the shop and the car hasn't even had its first oil change.


Feb 01, 2017

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