General Motors Corporation / naza malaysia is not responsible and disregard customer safety


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No Repot Polis: PERMASJAYA/000674/19
Date: 31/01/2019

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Re: NAZA Malaysia is not responsible and disregard customer safety

After 17/01/2019 car service, JRJ835 gearbox coming problems, RPM is high but can't move forward happen in the highway from KLUANG to KL. Luckily, there is no any accident happen in that.

1. Disregard for the safety of customers and other road users.
2. JRJ835 maintenance lasts for more than 15 days, neither NAZA nor Chevyline do actively inform the customer when it will be ok and Case Report. NAZA just insincere ask us to wait.
3. Since 25/01/2019, there is no replacement car has been provided although the Warranty Department Head Mr. Arshad (Arshad.[protected], +[protected]) was promised.
4. By the way, NAZA and Mr. Arshad there is no sincere any compensation plan to us, they disregard the customer safety and caused by customers' inability to use the car and the waiting time in no confirm date.
4. The after-sales manager Mr. Arshad has a very bad response either to us or Cheveryline, there are not only many excuses, but also not keep his words (promise to provide a replacement car for us).
5. NAZA is not responsible. Not only do not have the email publication, but it also could not track and follow our Case Report.

1. Loss of our company caused by inability to use the car on 25/01/2019 till now, maybe after this case, give the how many times free after-service maintenance or other sincere compensation.
2. The replacement car promised by the manager Mr. Arshad.

Feb 8, 2019

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