General Motors Corporation / 2017 acadia denalli

Bought 3 months ago driving home cruise control quit phoned cpl days later to salesman and left message nobody contacted stopped in next time in city and was told that it was prob gm was trying to rectify was not told of prob when vehicle sold to me a week ago vehicle would not start put battery charger on for 2 hours and it started drove approx 40 km and parked in driveway went back 10 minutes later and it wud not start even after charger put on phoned 1 800 and told a tow truck was picking up was asked if it be taken out of park no told a panel had to be taken off beside shifter to release it from park no panel phoned dealer they didnt even no how put battery charger back on for about a minute and it came out of park.Still at chev dealership in hanna not heard what problem is i want my money back and i dont want vehicle back dealer offered me $9000 less than what i payed for it and i only put 4000 km on it rediculous

May 30, 2018

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