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General Hospital / Unprofessional nurse

1 Pittsburgh, PA, United States

I went to have my immunization at the York general Hospital and I was encountered with the most unprofessional nurse ever. Her name is Cynthia, and let's just say she is white and proud to be white. After complaining the the the needles she used for the immunization stung me she immeiadetly got really upset. She told me I have no right to treat her this way because she makes 80k a year and she probably makes much more money than my wife and I make together and that we probably cannot provide for our children. I got upset and said I don't have any trouble taking care of my wife and children. I told her that 80k is nothing and that both my wife and I make 150k a year. Because we were black she immediately assumed that it was because of illegal activity. I told her that we both have legal jobs, we have jobs in aerospace dynamics and make money in legal ways. I was upset about this and I told her that I hope she does not pass her racism on her children if she has any. She immediately told me that she was going to sue me because I was attacking her children and parenting skills. She went on bragging about how she takes care of children of the state. She also told me that she has an autistic son and takes care of him real well and it is hard to care for disabled chidren. I told her I did not attack her parenting skills and was simplying making a comment. She started using profanity against me calling me all sorts of names. Then before I was finished my treatment a man came in, she called him safeway and right in front of me she kissed and made love. While doing this they kept talking about what a deadbeat her ex husband is . I did not want to watch so I turned towards her work area. Her whole work area was covered with gift cards from wal-mart, and coupons from various restaurants.

I am rich. I do not deserve to feel any pain when I am getting immunized. I probably make twice as much money as these nurses combined. However I think that General Hospital should provide me with the gift card from department stores and coupons for varoious coupons from restaurants for how poorly I was treated. I should have been treated first instead of having to wait in the waiting room with all the other childless couples who don't even make one tenth as much as I do.

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