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General Appliance Repair / General appliance repair

1 9010 Reseda Blvd #202Northridge, CA, United States
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Contacted General Appliance Repair because of the 30% discount published in the telephone book and on their web site. Was told that air conditioning unit would be completely serviced with a replacement of condenser fan motor and freon recharged.

I had a 30% coupon from the telephone directory. I was presented with a quote of $625.00 plus tax discounted to $475.00 plus tax prior to presenting the 30% coupon. When I presented the coupon to Alex, the repairman said that he already gave me a discount. I observed that if he gave me the discount of 30% the price would have been $437.50 from the $625.00 stated estimate. So he called his office and we agreed on the price of $450.00 no tax. The work was to be done the next day. I wrote Alex a check for $150.00 for the deposit that day with the balance of $300.00 due after the job was completed.

The next day someone else came back in Alex's place. Everything was going okay until I asked for the freon to be recharged. The guy said it would be extra. I told him about Alex yesterday and that he said everything would be completed and guaranteed for 90 days. The guy immediately got an attitude. He called his office and I spoke with a representative. I handed the phone back to the guy and he did the freon charge.

After that I went to get a check and wrote it out for $300.00. When I presented the check to the guy he said the amount was $321.25 which included taxes. I said that we agreed on a balance of $300.00 and that was all I was going to pay. The guy was really angry. He did not want to take the check until I showed him where it was written on yesterday's receipt where the balance was $300.00.

He was so angry he snatched the check from my hand and stormed off leaving the old parts on the ground and not leaving me a receipt. He was so angry I had to run to where my cars were parked to make sure he did not damage them in anger.

I then got on the internet and checked to see how much the part costs that he replaced. The part was $52.99. Now I understand that there are other costs associated with the company repairing home owner appliances, however, I think they are running a practice of misrepresentation to the public.

My complaint is not what they charged, it is the attitude of their repairman. When I called the office to complain about the guy. They threaten me by saying they were going to report me for not paying taxes.

Now as I understand it I do not pay taxes on the labor; only on the parts. They would have to charge $250.00 for a part costing them $52.99 to charge a tax of $21.25.

Considering that we agreed on a flat price of $450.00, (which means they would have to charge about $397.00 per hour for their services because the guy was here less than 1 hour), I think everything such as, gas, time, equipment, taxes, payroll, electricity, tire ware, rent, and management should have been included.

They should not publish discounts that don't reflect their given estimates, get repairman with better attitudes, and stop gouging customers when information is readily available from the internet.


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