GemsTVPoor Quality Items


I had been a customer with GemsTv since the summer of 2008 until June 2009. I have paid thousands of dollars for mutiple items since then. I have had diamonds fall out of sapphire rings that are now practically worthless since the warranty is only good for 6 months and no one will buy them. I have bought gold rings with gems that I can't even find on the internet which is suspicious to me because GemsTv claims they are "rare". I have taken my silver "rhodium plated rings" to a local jeweler in Houston who told me they could not be sized and that they quality of the gems was "poor" and I then returned the items to GemsTv to only be "blocked" by the company for exercising my "return" priviledges "too many times". I will no longer shop from this company because I have receievd too many poor quality items that have little or no resale value. If a company is being ethical and sells good quality items, they should allow their customers to return as many items they feel necessary if they are not pleased with them. I may look into filing a lawsuit for near future.


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