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GemsTV / Watch out fro overpriced jewelery

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To all of the wonderful people who have purchased an item from the world of GemsTV, (me being one of them), let me give you warnings about the company, their tactics and the quality of their goods.

1. 90% of their items you can find elsewhere for less money.

2. Most of their gems are lower quality than they claim. For example, I, being a big believer in them in the beginning, purchased 5 AAA Tanzanite rings for investment purposes. GemsTV says that the mine is being mined out and AAA Tanzanite will go up in the next 5-10 years. This may be true, however, I took all five rings down to my trustworthy appraiser (unfortunately after the 30 day grace period which they allow you to return items) and NONE of them cut the mustard! They ALL were graded lower that AAA.

3. I have had soooooo many stones fall out of settings it's not even funny! I have called GemsTV and asked them if they could kindly look up my transaction history and find the rings which need gen replacement. They said that they do not have the computer capability to do that. So, lesson learned, keep ALL of you invoices FOREVER!! However, I believe they only guarantee their work for 6 months, after that, you are on your own.

4. They WAY OVER PRICE their gemstones!! Great example... I purchased a beautiful pair of Green Tourmaline earrings set in 18kt gold with about .15cts of diamonds. The gold weight was 2.8 grams. When I took them into the same appraiser he went to the back of the store and pulled out a box of beautiful, much higher quality Green Tourmaline. I asked how much it would be for the same amount of Tourmaline I purchased at GemsTV. He said $20.00. I paid ON SALE (in their online sale area where items are marked down even further, earrings for $399. I could have had custom made earrings for $250.00.

5. GemsTV uses scare tactics like, "This is the last of our allotment, we may never see this gem again", or "Be a smart winner and call in early", or "You are going to regret not getting this item".

6.Do you know how they say, "If you don't like it, just return it?" Well, if you return items too many times they will kick you out of their system and not allow you to purchase from them any more. (I know because it happened to me!) I just changed my mailing address and they were stupid.

7. I still buy from them, but ONLY when I can buy something when I can get gold for less than what I can sell it for scrap. That is what GemsTV is good for. Example: Amethyst ring 4.0 grams of 14kt fold for $44.00, I just bought $60.00+ of gold. Get it?

8.Ebay is a better way to go! They have EXCELLENT jewelers who sell GREAT products and better prices!


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