Gems schoolIndian Teacher Arshia Waseem from hydrabad mother of Mustafa / Dealing in Drugs & Banned Chemicals

1 sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

As good citizens we also thought we should inform on the community on the happenings of this famous teacher Arshia Waseem from hydrabad also mother to mustafa.. Our son used to play cricket downstairs in the same building with other boys andmustafa abrahim is his friends.It seems some grown up boys used to come evening time and hang aroung downstairs, some pakistanis, some young arab boys in dishdiasha also.. Some times my husband used to stand watching the children play cricket and he had noticed this odd looking boys who sort of looked like drug addicts or some local ruffians.Often they used to ask the elder son mustafa
' Is Arshia there alone in flat" is daddy at home. whn mustafa used to say mummy is alone then then hte boy used to send some message on his mobile and same time go to the lift to 3 floor.In beginning we ignore but most every day this is happening.The same boy will come back down from the flat after 30 mts and again other boys will go to 3rd floor. These boys enter from back door and use the staircase mostely to avoid being caught or seen.One day my husband followed the boy and surely the boy just opened the unlocked door of Arshia Waseem and immidiately closed the door but he saw arshia standing and she closed the door hurriedly.The boys later came out after 1 hour and ran 3 floors from the stairs.This we see also happens after 12 midnight and we herd from other reports of how Arshia drugs husband and sons to sleep after midnight. We are ashamed living in the same building. witnessing these things.My husband says that these boys seem to be buying drugs as we overheard them saying the word DOPE. Usually this word is used by youngsters for drugs.The gems school principal Joseph has been told about this but we hear he has some vested interest in Arshia & we hear she visits his home often.Will the concerned Authorities look into and make UAE safe from such happenings ?
Unhappy Tenant.

Feb 19, 2014

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