gems school UAE / arshia waseem bad neibhour abrahim/mustafa mummy

1 1122, sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Recently a new neibhour came to reside in our buildind same floor of our flat. Almost immidiately we noticed that a lot of boys used to visit the flat when the husband was not in home.Always boys come from staircase and not the lift and enter the flat quietly as if they dint want to be seen .This was strange.we came to know from our friends that this was arshia waseem gems school teacher and a bad character teacher and was thrown out iof her last flat for reson of running sex racket drugs and luring small boys. Already in building arshia waseem has started going to many flats asking for tution and introducing her sons Ibraham and most men come in night after 12midnight and go by 3. we see she opens dorr of her flat to let inside boys and this time her flat is total darkness which is more strange. Decent people never let anyone come to flat leave none with lights off. We hear her husband is inside the flat and allows her willingly.we complain to building owner but no response.advice please.

Sep 30, 2014

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