Gems school Arshia waseem teacher / Sexual Misconduct

1 1123, sharjah, United Arab Emirates

The gems school staff and also many parents of schools are aghast with the news of arshia waseem and her sexual relationship with the principal Joseph. Close collogues of arshia have seen her in visiting josephs home very early in the mornings or some times during school hours alone . Everyone knows about arshia waseems sexual relationship and her visit to his home are for sex. And favour to retain job.Others senior staff connected with placements seems sexually involved with her also. Apart from this several complaints have been made to the building owners previously rented by arshia waseem with men to her here she has sexually invited men and young boys for sex in full view of her two sons. Seems late night she brings these men for sex to her flat in full knowledge of her husband jameel who sleeps away in another room while sexually activities are performed in the other bedroom till early hours. Many men in next door flats with wives sent away to home towns and teenage boys have are involved in daily sex with arshia.The 2 sons Ibrahim and Mustafa are aware of mothers acts. Frequent change of flats by arshia waseem are due to the complaints by neibhours to the watchman regularely. She is so low that even she pays the private taxi driver her monthly charges with sex. Her daily expenses and food stuff are brought by one person called jamal and again paid by sex .Earlier her tuitions were a disguise for sex some times with parents or the students she teaches .Now she hired a flat with her lover only for sexual activities when she needs and remains unoccupied . Men come to this flat for quick sex and drink or drugs and then have sex with arshia waseem we hear from neibhours.Blue films, drugs are normal for arshia in sex as told by neighbor living beside.Arshia wasem is famous by name LOLLYPOP aunty seems by many boys because she has a habit of using her mouth frequently on mens orgons.If you vivit the buildings some messages are written about her on the stairs and back walls of the buildings.
A shame for all the decent women in sharjah to be a neibhout of arshia waseem

Sep 24, 2014

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