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GEIKO / overcharging and service problems

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Because I'm tired of rewriting this, I'll just send my actual letter to GEIKO...


I just canceled my insurance with you, after only 10 days. I'm sure you probably don't care, but I will explain- just to get it off my chest.

1st; I went on line and filled out all of my info to purchase motorcycle insurance, for a Moped I just bought. When I finished, I pushed submit, but it wouldn't continue. After several tries, had to call your office to have someone help me complete. She checked everything and it seemed to go well, so I gave my credit card number and the saleswoman said I would get a signature request in the mail.

2nd; 3 days (April 29th) days later, I get a letter saying that my insurance went from $74. to $96. All this before I even get my policy in the mail. I had to call to find out why, and the GEICO representative said there was a mistake and changed it back to $74.

Finally, this past weekend (May 3), I received a packet with about 25 pages in it, including 4 pages for signatures- one page with no information for what the signature was for. I spent the weekend trying to figure out what I was suppose to sign. I called back on Monday May 5th, and talked with two representatives. I was told that if I signed one of the pages (uninsured motorist waver), that my insurance would be virtually ineffective, unless I paid another $80. I'm thinking, 'Why am I buying insurance that will not cover me?' Well, after a small argument started by someone named Tom (..who said that 'if I canceled my policy he would turn my name into the DMV'- whatever that means.), I canceled my policy.

I know that you are a big company and you've figured out a system to sell insurance, BUT, do you really want clients to feel confused and taken advantage of? ...You know the petty threat didn't help either- it was then that I realized that I don't need GEICO.

Anyways, please take me off of your mailing list, email list and telephone list, I'm currently looking for a better insurance company.

Sincerely, Allen Hatch

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  • Bo
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    Although I have been with Geiko for only a few month now, I deeply regret ever making the switch. We took a few weeks to make the decision, and during that time we received numerous calls from our Geiko representative. She seemed so personal and reassuring, that we finally overcame all our concerns about changing. While on vacation in Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago I was "stalked", "chased" and finally bumped by a young man who claimed that one of the local hotels was his home address and he was in a vehicle which he claimed to be a friend of his when the police arrived. Several other drivers on the road that night had dialed 911 about this same driver, but I was the unfortunate one who got rammed. Due to the fact that this driver seemed very dangerous I traveled past the point of impact and pulled into a well lit and busy store parking lot. By the time I left the scene, a wrecker was there (I assume to tow the vehicle he was driving) and the other driver was in handcuffs. I learned that when I did not stay at the scene for safety reasons I just happened to drive out of the city limits before stopping at the first "safe" looking location. Due to this, the officials could not write out a report for me, however, they did provide me with all of their contact information and offered to speak to Geiko and explain that I was a victim and not at fault. GEIKO TOLD ME TO CONTACT PROGRESSIVE, THE INSURANCE CARRIER OF THE OTHER VEHICLE. THEY TOLD ME TO HANDLE ALL CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE POLICE DEPT. THAT WORKED THE SCENE. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE HEARD OF AN INSURANCE COMPANY ASKING THEIR CLIENT TO CONTACT THE INSURANCE CO. OF ANOTHER PARTY IN A CLAIM SITUATION. Therefore, seeing no other option but to do the job that I thought we paid Geiko to do, at least if I wanted my vehicle repaired, I proceeded to spend countless hours pursuing this. The Progressive adjuster actually came to my home today. It appears that they are going to take responsibility for their clients actions. He even said that he found it most unusual for me to be dealing with them directly. If Progressive indeed follows through with this repair, not only will I switch to Progressive, but I will talk to anyone who will listen and my entire family about making the switch as well. This has been a most educational experience about the extreme lack of service and professionalism within the Geiko business structure. I am going to copy and paste this complaint all over the internet because if I had read an honest account such as this during the time that I was so indecisive about changing I would have never switched to Geiko. As a result I would not have spent countless hours dealing with another driver's insurance company. Not to mention the stress and anxiety that this ordeal has caused me. I'm driving around in my damaged Mercedes that I have invested a lot of money in, while paying huge premiums to Geiko. If you are thinking about changing to Geiko, please reconsider if customer service and claims are important to you. There are a number of good, reputable insurance companies to choose from who do offer excellent customer service. I know, I used to be with one of them.

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