Geico Ins. Co.What I was told and what they did

On the evening of April 26, 2017 I called to get a quote for my auto Ins because my existing Ins was going up again. Spoke to a nice young man (did not make note of his name) who gave me a good quote. He wanted to set up the acct and I told him I did not have the funds in my acct to pay for the 1st month and would call back to set it up after my SS came in. He said he could set it up with a future payment date and talked me into believing they, Geico, would be able to do this. the policy was not to start until the 7th of May so I went ahead and set it up for payment to start at a later date in May, reaffirming that I had no money in my acct and wouldn't have any until my May SS came. Next morning I called my regular Ins agent and told her I got a quote from Geico more in fitting my budget. I decided to let her see if hooking my auto up to my home owners policy would get me a better deal. It did and I decided to stay with them.
I immediately called Geico, April 27th, and canceled the policy I had set in motion the nite before. The young man I talked with to canceled my policy said he didn't think he could stop the payment as it was scheduled to go thru the next day, the 28th of April. I became upset and told him it was suppose to go thru till the 5th of May, as I had no money in my acct and had explained all this to the person who had set up the policy, assuring me that it would be set up with an advance date. (He said that I had been informed that the payment would be going thru immediately, that was the way they did it. I told him I had not been informed, and they had the call recorded and could listen to it them selves. He informed me they did not record all calls and deleted them in 2 days, also informing me that nothing could be done and Geico was not responsible for any problems that incurred because of a transaction I had authorized. I had not authorized this transaction. I am not totally stupid. Trusting to much maybe. I knew now I should of called back after my May payment and set up the acct. not trusted Geico. ) All I could do was wait till the next day, Apr 28th, and check my bank to see what was happening.
Next day I was overdrawn over $100 dollars, and very upset.
I called back Geico customer sevice. Another young man and I was very upset. In tears and probably not very polite with as I was so frustrated. I am a disabled senior and had been sick for several weeks and really did not need this issue now or ever. I explained the situation and told him they could listen to the recorded call and hear everything. He informed me that they did not record all calls and they were deleted in 2 days anyway. He also said that I had been informed by the agent that the transaction would be going thru immediately, because that is the way they did things. He also told me that nothing could be done, and Geico was not responsible for any problems that occurred because of a transaction that I authorized. I had not authorized this transaction. I had not been informed about the immediate charge. Why would I authorize a transaction I knew I didn't have the funds for. I trusted Geico, which was my mistake. The young man also tells me I will see my refund in 3 business days, which would have been May 3rd, 2017.
So I wait thru the weekend and till Wed, May 3rd. Check my bank and nothing. For the 4th time I call Geico. I stay calm. Talk to a young woman, Molly. She listens and says she will transfer me to the auto policy department Transfer to Tom. Tom listens. puts me on hold. Comes back saying he is frustrated that My act was handled this way. That the policy does not take effect till May 7th and They normally would not even make the charge until them. Tells me that I will be refunded by May 7th. I tell him on a fixed budget I can not wait that long, that I had been informed 3 days. He says I never should of been told 3 days, that 7 days was always how long it takes. I tell him that I have already discouraged 2 new clients about Geico and I would be making more complaints. Online, State Ins Board, possibly Attorney General. He says he is going to do everything he can to expedite my refund, and possibly get my overcharge refunded. Ok. Nothing else I can do. Wait again, hope, pray and trust.
In my opinion I will never call Geico again. I will file complaints. I will discourage people from doing business with them. A company that does not in any way from dept to dept know how the business is to be run, that gives different info with each person you talk to, has major training issues, is not a place I want to trust my business with. 5 people and I still do not know what is going to happen. This is not a company I want to trust with my business. Lord forbid I actually had a claim. I learned that you can call a auto repair company and talk to billing to find the best Ins Co that pays and deals fairly with the repair company and the customer, for the best customer service. That does not have to be the most expensive insurance.
Being on a fixed income takes extra work to make a budget and having companies that you can trust, that listen, and understand and know what they are doing is very important. Otherwise they can really mess up your life. I do not need this. My life is hard enough.
I'm not sure this is the policy #[protected], but it is the number they gave me. I saved all their emails I could find, but no numbers, just loin info. No resolution yet and only know that I will eventually get a refund.
Please post this and I will be filing it in as many places as possible.
Thank you, Cindi

May 03, 2017

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