Geico Claims / claims office ronald [censored]an

My girlfriend has a claim. I wait around 3 hours waiting for a call. I call Ronald [censored]an multiple time to give my statement. After ten phone calls and 5 hours later he calls me. He calls me back with a full on attitude about how he is not suppose to take statements. All while he is calling my girlfriend demanding she bring back the rental. Extremely bad customer service. When I asked to to talk to his superiors. He turns off the recording. And starts threatening me. Gives me a voicemail number. I ask for a real person. He would not give me a number to any superior. Worst customer service ever. Now my girlfriend is scared to make a claim. because of his threats. Worst customer service I have ever had to deal with.

Regarding a horrible agent named Ronald [censored]an. I have no idea what part he works for. Because he wouldn't give me any info.

Nov 24, 2017

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