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I was involved in an accident 5/12/17. I was liable. Initial contact with Geico was assume, Jamie, reassuring demeanor was exactly what I needed. Everything went south after the adjuster informed me that my car was a total loss on 05/15/17. Contacted him Tues. 05/16/17 in regards to retaining my vehicle. He told me I would have to contact the lien holder, he was new to Geico (as I informed him this was new to me). He, Gregory, also informed me that the Savage department would be in contact with me from that point forward. That was Tuesday 05/16/17. I waited The remainder of Tuesday through Wednesday evening with no word from the Savage Dept or anyone from Geico informing me of my rights, options, or the process. However, I did get a voicemail from IAA asking me to remove my property and tags from my vehicle. I called IAA and informed them that I wanted to look into retaining my vehicle. The woman was very helpful and said she would contact the Savage Dept and I assured her I would also because here it is Wednesday nearly 5pm, and I remained at point A. Neil from Geico Savage Department called me, and was very impormative about the process that had been delayed and stated he'd reach out to the adjuster to have a Savage bid obtained. So, I questioned, why didn't Gregory, my adjuster, know to do this on Tuesday when I first inquired about retaining my vehicle? Neil also said a file would be started in Geico's Retention Dept. I finally felt that I was getting somewhere. I called my bank, the lien holder, and verified some things on my own that Wednesday evening as well. I also called Gregory, the adjuster, and left a voicemail informing how I'd had to initiate contact with the Savage Department myself, and that I did not feel a rental car extension through the weekend would be suffice because I was still at point A. Finding answers was like pulling teeth! I thought Gregory would call me back Thursday. However, no phone call from Gregory. I got even more agitated after IAA left another message about taking my car. I called Geico again, and spoke with Shannon who did not see any notes pertaining to my conversation with Neil. So, again I felt bamboozled. I also informed Shannon of the message I'd left my adjuster with no avail. I must say Shannon was able to move what seemed like mountains on THURSDAY. Shannon did a follow up call which I was unable to answer because I was trying to deal with this issues all while working an 8-4:30 job like many of you all. She informed me of the Savage bid being made (no direct value given via voicemail) and that I was in negative equity. Once off work I called the Savage Department back, spoke with Stacy who was helpful in taking complaints in regards to the unanswered messages left with the adjuster. She supposedly sent the supervisor a message of whom I have yet to hear from. She also informed me of Leshonda who would be assisting with my retention claim. Today, 05/19/17 I got a call from Leshonda, and things seem to be on track. Leshonda said she would reach out to the adjuster in regards to letting My know when to get my things, the car and so forth. Well today 3 days after last contact, Gregory the adjuster calls. I was unable to answer secondary to work. However, he left a message stating, he'd spoke to his supervisor and he feels the same as he pretty much, I had an opportunity to buy a new car and I didn't, so 7 days is adequate time for rental coverage. He also stated he needs to know who my second lien holder is and what I intend to do with the car. I made sure to save the voicemail.
So, my question is 1) How is it that the adjunow decides to be an active participant in the process when I've had a number of unanswered concerns, and now he is well versed on the retention process. 2) why is he concerned what my intentions are for fixing the vehicle, as Geico will not be paying for it 3) I did not want the rental car through the repairing of my vehicle at my cost as that falls out of line with policy. I felt I was entitled to it for one, due to my policy. Rationale: I did not engage in contact with the Savage Department until late Wednesday evening after my initiation of contact. How could I even began to look for a new car if I was stalemated??? I am truly disgusted, and the message I received from the adjuster was truly apologies for lack of communication or contact..

May 19, 2017

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