Geen & Richards Kimberley / Poor Service Delivery

1 Upington, South Africa
Contact information:
Phone: 0784959243

We purchased a Wall Unit and Dining room Suite Cash from Geen & Richards in Kimberley on 18/08/2014. They promised to deliver the wall unit and the buffet & Hutch of the dining room suite on the 25/08/2014, which they did, but the wall unit has three pieces of which one differed from the other two. My husband informed the store immediately about that and they promised to replace it on 10/09/2014 of which they did, but we had to send the replacement back because it was the same as the one we already received. The table and chairs was supposed to be delivered on 29/08/2014 as they did not have stock of it in store. On 01/09/2014, I logged a complaint with their complaints department, the next day the complaints department called me to tell me that the table and chairs was ordered from the warehouse and they can not give me an exact date that i will receive the goods on. I told them that I give them until 05/09/2014 to deliver, if not, I want my money back.On 04/09/2014 at 22h00 we received a call from the delivery guys and they asked for directions, because they were in Upington to deliver. The next day I noticed that one of the chairs have a loose leg, and later that day we noticed that the to of the table has a lot of scratch marks, that is when we realised that those were used goods. It made sence that it was the display they used in the store for i dont know how long, because in the same week they told me that the stock was ordered and two days later, they sent the staff with a normal Bakkie and the delivery guys said they were from kimberley and normally they deliver through a depot in Upington. I called the complaints department again on 08/09/2014 and later that day the salesperson from the store called me to tell me that they can refund us R2000.00 on the dining room suite because they do not manufacture that dining room suite anymore. I told them that i'm not accepting the deal, I want a replacement or my money back. Till today I have'nt heard from them.

Sep 11, 2014

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