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Run from these rip-off artists! My business partner recommended we try them based on their portfolio. We received a quote for a $500 custom website in 7 days covered by 110% satisfaction guarantee. I foolishly believed they'd stand behind their product. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

After more than a week with no action, I finally called their so-called customer service. The guy Gregg was the rudest person I've ever talked to who was not a NY Times telemarketer. We finally agreed to let them deliver a preliminary site. The next day I received a kindergartenish attempt. Told them it was entirely unsatisfactory. They delivered a simply amateurish attempt. Over the course of the next few days, they would slowly add a widget, etc. Absolutely horrible work and nothing I would send a customer to see. Finally I asked for a refund. After that, no more communication!

Run, run, run from GeeksonSteroids! Unless you just like to give money to crooks.

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  • Do
      May 07, 2009

    It's funny that Geeks on Steroids has no record from you Brett Lotherington and doing a search for your name does not come up with any type of website for you.

    Why does the competition have to resort to such low life tactics?

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  • Do
      May 07, 2009

    This is nothing more than the competition showing how low life they are.

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  • Mr
      May 07, 2009

    Yeah, this reeks of a fake complaint. Sounds very much like a general form kind of complaint. It borders on the edge of blatantly comparing GeeksonSteroids with the competitor company this person probably works for.

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  • Ar
      Feb 02, 2010

    I can't speak of other people's experience with GoS, but mine was not as good as Don Smith's.

    I hired Geeks on Steroids to produce a custom website for my employer back in early 2009 for e-commerce. I fronted the 50% deposit based on the expectation that the project would be completed within 1 month (re: Gregg). Eleven months later, the project was never completed, and I am still seeking a refund. So far, collection efforts have taken over one and a half months without any positive result. Every time I contact Gregg, he produces the same set of excuses and lies. He makes claims such as, "we are getting out of the web design business, " and, "we are working hard to return your deposit, but we are trying to build a new business."

    If you are considering hiring GoS, I strongly encourage you to look elsewhere. If you or anyone you know has been ripped-off by Gregg & Janeth, please reply to this post if you want to be contacted. I am considering filing a lawsuit in US federal court, and it would carry more weight if I can locate anyone that was cheated within the last 5 years (WHOIS search indicates that was registered with GoDaddy in 2002 by Janeth, so there may be some people who are out of luck). It may be impossible to get back any loss, but we can make it extremely difficult for GoS to get new contracts

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  • An
      May 29, 2010

    I have also been ripped off but not in the way you have. I live in his area and I know these people. This is how they work:

    The guy who runs the business is Greg, he built his own reputation with Janeth's name saying that she was a young woman married and running herself a Website Design Company. This is the first lie!! Janeth exists but she doesn't even know how to type a word in English, she is a Colombian woman and she only takes care of the two kids they have.

    Greg not only rips off his clients, he also rips off his employees, I was one of them, that's why I can tell the story. He hires people promising the best things, saying that Geeks on Steroids is the best Web Design Company in the world, blah blah blah.

    [censor]!! What you say is true, he requests 50% in advance to start a project, then he asks his designer ( he only has one normally) to create a mockup and that's what he sends to the client, he doesn't even care for showing an advance on it. I say it because that's how we used to work there. I felt really bad knowing the people that we were creating some work for were being ripped off. I know this is not the only case, there are thousands of people like you guys. He was even banned by paypal, now he receives payments through another person (someone of his family).

    I worked there for 3 months and they never paid me, they offered me to pay with an outdated computer, that's what they offer to everybody, I didn't accept this. He has ripped off many people here too. People in this area know him and don't work for him, only the young kids who are just going out of the university.


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  • Ja
      Aug 07, 2010

    Seems a little funny that I owe you Money yet you use a fake name to post with.

    One would also have to wonder why you’ve never called to say that I owe you money or even why you would be stupid enough to work for 3 months if you were never paid. I also get application from people wanting to work for my company daily; there is no reason for me to promise employees all kinds of things, there aren’t that many jobs in Colombia.

    These types of boards reek of bad information from x-employees that lie as well as the competition; I just wonder which you are.

    I’ve never owed anyone money that I didn’t pay, if you feel that you have been done wrong then pick up the phone and give me a call, however, I doubt that you’ll do either because I am sure you’ve never worked for me.

    My direct line is [protected]

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  • Kg
      Sep 15, 2010

    I am confused and rated this complaint as neutral.

    Why has nobody answered to her last post with a direct number in the last 38 days?

    Kjell Gunnar Bleivik


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  • Ru
      Mar 25, 2012 - Scam
    United States

    I ordered website from but they never made anything and refused to return my money. Janeth Duque burn in hell you crook.

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