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1 CA, United States
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Why I have an unresolved problem with Caution, they could get you too!
I used my Discover Card to pay for Computer technical support from a company called “” I had a problem with my computer and thought they could help me as they had some positive reviews on line. Problem is, GEEKSBYMINUTE.COM cheated me, once they had my credit card number they left me on HOLD for 27 minutes. They never tried to help me. I never got to speak to a computer technician! GEEKSBYMINUTE.COM then billed my DISCOVER CARD for $55.00.

GEEKSBYMINUTE says in the recording that you are not charged until you speak to a technician- However I have found that they BILL YOU FOR ALL THE TIME YOU SPEND ON HOLD!!!

I did call “Geeks my minute” for help with a computer problem. They advertise a pay by the minute call for technical support. They ALSO advertise that you don't pay until you speak to a tech. I NEVER GOT TO SPEAK TO A TECH I WAS ON HOLD!

1)My call was answered by a woman who asked me to briefly describe the problem I was having: I gave a brief description of the problem as I knew it to be. The woman said “Hold on a minute” she then put me on hold FOR 27 MINUTES! all this time I believe that I'm going to be now connected with a technician to help with my problem. The woman did not ask me any questions about my problem, did not even ask if I was at my computer or what operating system I was using. Only told me “Hold on”

2)I was on hold for 27 minutes! At that point I hung up, and tried to call the Geeks customer service line I got an answering machine. AT this point I called DISCOVER CARD, I told the rep that answered what had happened, I told DISCOVRE CARD that day that I was put on hold and NOBODY ever tried to help me and that any charge would be not proper. The rep told me that he would note the account and take it from there. I explained to the DISCOVER CARD rep that I was on hold for 27 minutes before hanging up. I think that I was being defrauded.

Geeks by minute did not render me any service to charge me for, Leaving me on hold does not qualify as providing service. I was never transferred to a technician, I was never given any advice on how to solve my computer problem, I was never asked one single question about what was wrong other than “briefly describe the problem”. This company is trying to charge me for services I have NEVER RECEIVED.


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