SUBMIT A COMPLAINT DBA OF WIDHdebited my account without my knowledge

Geek went into my account and took$46.55 I was curious do I check out my account only to discover that money was missing I called the bank and told me debited my account so I got back on the site they quickly added an item a singing microphone for pro I can't hum let alone sing so before I contacted them I filed a complaint of fraud with the Consumer Finance Protection bureau before I confronted they denied it but I took screen shots of all transactions and sure enough they change their ads but I had my screenshots with my phone device and my bank had file a desert form for credit card fraud and retrieved my money in full or face Federal racketeering charges as and orders to shut down their business license be so contact the CFPB and they will get your money back Santander gave up a pink slip they did not want give me unless I paid $1500 more but I paid the car off in full well they send it in Four days after I filed with the CFPB they are no joke they make it right try them they as bad [censor] and don't [censor] around try them they rock big time [censor] Wish Santander and geek in da butt DBA OF WIDH

Jul 22, 2017

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