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Geek Squad / service

1 Houston, TX, United States Review updated:

I brought my laptop to the store on June 15, 2008. I needed the LCD bezel fixed and the left corner of my laptop, including a key that kept popping out of the keyboard and the hinge. I informed the agent who was helping me that I needed it back by July 12, 2008 because I was going out of the country on vacation and needed my computer to take an online college course. The Geek Squad told me that it wouldn't be a problem. The estimated completion date was long before that. Well, I went in to the store on July 7, 2008 to check on the progress. I was informed that my computer hadn't even been looked at. I was upset to hear this, because I needed my computer back. Well they said that they were going to put a priority on it so that it would get done in time. I again went into the store on July 10, 2008 to check on progress, again I was informed that my computer had not been looked at. By now I was very upset. They were not going to have my computer done in time. So I went on vacation for two weeks with a borrowed laptop. I returned to the states on July 27, 2008, but I continued to another destination until July 29, 2008. My mom picked up my computer on July 28, 2008. When I turned my computer on for the first time on July 31, 2008 I noticed that it was getting very hot. I thought maybe it was the surface I had put it on... not quite. Turns out the Geek Squad broke my CPU fan. They also lost my wireless antennae. I brought the computer back on August 5, 2008. It was still under a 30 day warranty. Well, I was informed that since the new problem was not part of the original issue they were not going to cover the cost. Even though they were the one's who broke my fan. I also informed them when I dropped it off that I needed it back before August 20, 2008. I go to college in Miami, FL but I like in Houston, TX. So I really needed it back before I left for Miami. Well I was told that would not be a problem, they were going to put a priority on it. On August 11, 2008 I went in to the store, I asked about my computer and was informed that (oh my goodness!!!) it hadn't been looked at yet. Well I told the guy that if I didn't have my computer back before I left for Miami, that they would be mailing it to me in Miami. I was told (again) that it would not be a problem. They were going to out a priority on it. (Not sure if I believed them this time.) I again went to the store on August 15, 2008 to ask about my computer, well I was informed that my fan was fixed but the other part they had lost was not in yet. They were waiting for it, but as soon as they got it they would have it back in the store. So on August 18, 2008 I went back to the store (by this time the amount of gas I've wasted is absolutely ridiculous) I again asked about my computer, lo and behold it was not done. It was in exactly the same shape it had been in on my previous visit. They also told me that even if they part was fixed on that day there was no way that it would be in the store on time for me to pick it up before I left. So I told them that they were going to mail it to me in Miami. Not a problem!! (Right) So they looked up the address and "changed" it in the system. And again... put a priority on it. On August 26, 2008 I went to the store in Miami. I asked them if my computer had come in, well it hadn't. They said yes the address was correct in the system and it had been finished on August 22, 2008. The man told me he didn't understand why it hadn't been sent yet. Well I didn't understand either. So he told me has going to... put a priority on it!!! (I wasn't particularly excited to hear this.) So I again went in on August 27, 2008 my computer was still not in. So the man said he would make some phone calls. Well, I didn't have much faith. But on August 28, 2008 I got a phone call from the Geek Squad that my computer was in the store and ready for pick up. So I headed over to the store on August 29, 2008 to pick it up... well they couldn't seem to locate my computer. So I asked for a manager, I told the man all I wanted to know was whether or not they had my computer. Turns out that I found out things before they did. I called the store in Houston and found out that my computer was in Houston. So I told them to forget sending it to the Miami store and just over night it to my dorm. Well that wouldn't be a problem. So I waited, and on September 1, 2008 when I still didn't have my computer I gave the store a call... well my goodness!!! They still had it in the store! No one had looked at it or even attempted to send it to me, let alone over night it. So I got very upset and asked to speak to a manager, well they were all conveniently busy. So I told them that I wanted my computer over nighted or I was going to get my lawyer involved, well that wouldn't be a problem! So when my computer has still not been sent on September 3, 2008 I got very upset. I called the store and was informed that they still hadn't sent it and they couldn't send it because it hadn't been paid for yet!!! The repairs that would not have been necessary had they not broken my computer in the first place! I called my mom in tears because I needed my computer for classes, I was very stressed out and not able to finish assignments without it. So she got my older brother and sent him to the store to take care of it in person. He took care of the payment and told them, (and I quote) "I'm tired of playing footsie with you dick wads!" Well he called me and said "I'm watching them pack it into the UPS truck now." He got me a tracking number and everything. I was very excited at the thought that I would have my computer by the end of the week. Well I asked my mom to check the tracking number on September 4, 2008. She called me back very upset, turns out that Best Buy/Geek Squad had not over nighted my computer!!! It was ground postage!! So the expected date of arrival for it was September 8, 2008. Well with Hurricane Gustav wreaking havoc all along the Gulf Coast my computer got stuck in New Orleans. So I finally got my computer on September 10, 2008. Turns out that they never fixed the original issue either.
Geek Squad had my computer from June 15, 2008 to September 3, 2008. I find it absolutely ridiculous that they had my computer for 3 months and failed to fix it!! And I had to pay for it!! I'm not happy, and I will be sending a letter to the company, and to the corporation and whoever else I can possibly send it to!

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  • Am
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    after reading the other complaints (which i should have read before i paid for geek squad service), i am amazed that their customer service is so horrible. my computer was taking forever to start up & shut down and the first person who came here appeared to have helped me. then i went to put my compact card reader in the usb port (a day later), and nothing happened. i called geek squad to find out what happened and they said i would need another appt (4 hour window) but there were none available for about 5 days. last wednesday, i sat home from 4pm until 7:30 pm when a dispatcher (not even the person who was supposed to come here) said he was running late and that i would have to reschedule because he doesn't work after 8pm, but there no appts again for another 5 days. i went to best buy (where i had paid $189 for the service) and they said there's nothing they could do. i finally had someone here today (yes, on a beautiful saturday afternoon) and after an hour or so, he said he couldn't fix the problem...all i needed was for a program to be reenabled. bottom line, i cancelled the charge on my cc, had a friend come over and restore it back to an earlier date...why didn't the geek do that???
    THEY SUCK!!!
    just go to craigslist and find a computer techie who's in college (at least they could use the money.)

  • De
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    With craigs list, you could be getting a person who is a geeksquad reject.
    I have seen bills for $700 for virus clean up and they finally formatted and lost the guys wedding photos. You got off easy.
    Its hard to find good computer help.
    If you ever need help again, I have a reference, and we can make your PC boot up 2 times as fast, run faster and keep it protected for a year, guaranteed.

    We are looking to advertise, do you think this web site would be a good idea? (like the above ad for "Zprotect")
    I would like to find a place to get the client before they get burned, but it may also help them appreciate us more after dealing with others.
    I am thinking that if I advertise here, people would be more confident and that if we did not live up to our claims, they would have a place fight back.
    What do you think?

  • Ba
      14th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is how I feel about geek squad. They are stupid, they don't know anything about computer. All they do is using a cd call MRI, to do diagnostic. If the cd say bad hard drive they call customer and translate that over the phone, of course the CD cannot talk therefore someone must make the call. Also they don't fix computer at bestbuy everything is sent out to a service center or connect to johnnyutah(remove access) All they do is connect your computer to the internet, and someone else will fix it.

    Everybody have access to your personal information.
    You will be better taking your computer to McDonald restaurant to be fix and no to GEEK SQUAD.

  • Jo
      15th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Geek Squad is contracted by Best Buy for in home TV repair. When my Sony 46" HDTV broke down for the second time in less than a year Best Buy told me to call Geek Squad for service. I called them and they showed up 10 days later. The technician then told me we Americans complain too much. He then told me he had to order a part. 10 days later I called Geek Squad again. They had no record of any service or any parts order.After 26 minutes on hold I spoke to a supervisor. He said he would call back with an answer. No call. I contavted the Better Business Burea and they said they have dozens of complaints against Geek Squad and Best Buy.I think I'll hire 50 homeless people and picket Best Buy and the local Geek Squad office.

  • Dc
      22nd of Dec, 2010
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    I brought a computer in for a clean sweep of the hard drive to get it set up for AV server at home and they diagnosed that my motherboard was failing. Nothing they could do and I should buy a new computer. I took it to another independent shop and it was a failing video card causing the symptoms and it cost all of $69 and the computer is fine now. I tried to recover my "diagnosis" fee from Geek Squad and they have refused and haven't responded to my complaints on their website. I just filed with the BBB. I cannot justify paying a dime for a completely incompetent diagnosis that cost me more money (yes I bought a new computer prior to the second opinion) and it was flat out WRONG.

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