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Gecko Constrction Inc./One Day Bath / Over priced sloppy work

1 Carrollton, TX, United States Review updated:

Very long story, this Co. is unprofessional, over priced and does sub-standard work (sloppy). Do not go with this co. at all cost. They way over charge you for supplies and labor, take kick backs big time. The work is extremely unprofessional. If you have a complaint you will be taken to arbitration. The contractor does not care if you are not happy with the work. If you end up in arbitration you will lose. The contractor has done this many times, he knows exactly what he is doing, he has it down to a science. Arbitration is in his contract, arbitration strips you of all your LEGAL rights. Arbitration is for the company's not the consumer. I needed a shower pan fixed and retiled. Shower size 3' x 3' x 6ft. tall, standard stand up shower. He was going to remove a wall to open up the shower but he told me AFTER my 3 day cancellation period that the wall was a support wall and cannot come out. Now I cannot cancel my contract. I found out later that the wall was not a support wall but the work had already got underway, too late to take out the wall. He told me verbally that he would give a 200.00 credit for not taking out the wall and replacing it with a glass panel. Thats all he would give me. I had signed a contract for 7500.00 he then added 650.00 for plumbing work that he said needed to be done in the middle of the job. We went to arbitration and I lost. Just stay away from this company. Peter & Matt MacKenna of Gecko Constuction/ One Day Bath are excellent con artist.

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  • Eb
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    I couldn't disagree more with this complaint. I've used Gecko Construction and found them to be very professional and extremely customer service oriented. Also, my curiosity got the better of me when you said that they had the whole arbitration thing down to a science. I see that they have only one arbitration case on record. I'm assuming that this is the case that you are referencing so I'm a little confused how they could have this process down to a science.

  • Ho
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    To A. Ford
    Calm down. You probably are telling people what should they charge for their work.
    Are you also telling to a restaurant how much should they charge for a stake and eggs?
    To E Berry
    You are absolutely right.

  • Af
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    To E.Berry
    Check out how long he's been "Gecko Const./One day bath". He's in Carrolton, Tx. now, hasn't been there very long. He moved here from another State. So we wouldn't know where all arbitration may have taken place. This particular arbitration was in Dallas with the BBB. While my work was being done, which took several months he moved again from a Dallas address to a Carrollton address. I know thats not far but all my paper work had the old address he never bothered to call and let me know he moved so when I tried to find him at one point he was not there. Do a little more research!

    To Homeserviceguy
    Just curious as to what recourse you would take if you orded a service to be done and it got HALF done, and they refused to finish the job and demanded the balance of the contract. Plus the work that got done is sloppy sloppy sloppy! example a wall was to be taken out and replaced with a glass panel attached to a shower door. I was told by the (contractor if thats what he even really is), it was a support was not a support wall, I find this out on my own by calling another contractor/inspector, so now he admits oops I made a mistake, he gives me a credit of 200.00$...(example of charges) >>he charged me 175.00 to install a faucet in a bathroom sink that I supplied. I think taking out a wall and installing a glass panel is worth much more than 200.00$ The shelves in my shower were suppose to be recessed, the tile guy cut a piece of tile in half and stuck it to the wall LOL. I could go on and on. This is a very long story and I have a legitimate gripe, you both have no clue!

  • Eb
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    Your attack on me personally tells me everything I need to know. I simply told of my experience with the company and stated a fact. They have one arbitration case on file. That is a fact.

  • Af
      18th of Jan, 2010
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    This Gecko Construction Inc. Co. is no longer in business. Does not surprise me, he's no longer with the BBB either, it says no phone calls are answered and the mail gets returned to them, also states "no longer in business ". I hope he loses everything he deserves it, he is a con artist from hell!! Just beware he has probably moved and changed his Co. name... his Name Is Peter MacKenna and his son is Matt McKenna.

  • Je
      29th of Mar, 2010
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    What a surprise! I got online to submit the review of the work done on our two bathrooms. We waited a year and a half just so we could give a fully honest and real review of their work. Peter, his son, and the work staff did quality work from the very beginning until the end. They installed the acrylic liner over our two bathtubs, a shower stall, and the surrounds, and installed new faucets and a shower door. We were thrilled with the results, and every time we use the bathrooms, once again we realize how glad we are that we had the work done. Peter followed the work closely from beginning to end and quickly rectified a problem when an improper part was shipped for the shower door. When the work was finished, both Peter and Matt came to the house to inspect the final job and took the usual "after" photos.

    The work crew was first class. During the entire job, they went out of their way to keep any "mess" to the immediate work area. They were totally professional, measured everything to make a very precise fit, and cleaned up upon completion of the job. At one point I made a casual comment to Peter about a very slight problem with one faucet. No comment was made by either Peter or the crew, but the next time they were here, they immediately went to that faucet, made that adjustment, and double checked the results.

    The cost was higher than I would have liked to have paid, but it was in line with other estimates we had gotten. And during the sales part of the contact, both father and son continued to check with me to be certain that my selections were what I really wanted and that I fully understood what I was selecting.

    I simply do not know of any way that their work could have been any better. I hate to think that they are out of business due to some dishonest practices. You know, the economy certainly has not been so hot for anyone in any part of business related to houses. I choose to think that they simply are victims of the state of the economy.

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