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I called gecio on 11/18/2017 for a road service cause my presitain belt came off my pullies and unable to drive the car. Claim department made the claim as there was damage when there wasn't and they gave the martin towing service from kokomo indiana the wrong directions and wrong address, so I had to wait 21 hours in very cold very, very heavy rain for the tow. Now I am sick and I have to go see the doctor for a follow up from the er. I will be admitted cause of all of this bull [censor] that gecio caused!!! The customer department sucks out of the [censor]!!!

  • Updated by Kari Harmon, Nov 19, 2017

    I am going to contact my attorney first thing in the morning and he will be contacting Geico as well on this matter and that they refussed to put my name as the owner on the 20078 Honda Pilot!!! I have the title for it and the title has my name on it.

Nov 19, 2017

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