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IF you LOVE an annoying loud beep every time you push a button on an applicance then buy a GE Window Air Conditioner. This carefully "engineered" annoyance tone is guaranteed to awaken sleeping persons - even if they are in a different room. The harsh tone causes pets to "jerk away in fear". Don't bother trying to contact GE Customer "non-service". They will give you a run-around about how this tone can NOT be disconnected; and the day the warranty expires you will be told that there is nothing that can be done to help you.

Of course, GE doesn't mention this ear-splitting tone in any of their pre-sale literature about the product, or in the product installation/user manual. The purchaser, aka "the victim", discovers this feat of engineering excellence AFTER the product has been uncrated and installed. The genius engineers at GE DO NOT provide the end user with any method to decrease the volume of this hideous tone, nor is there any method to turn it off. AGAIN, do not waste your time contacting GE about it - there is "nothing they can do to help you".

I will NEVER purchase another GE Window Air Conditioner due to this engineering faux pas. In my opinion, the customer non-service at GE is little more than a black hole into which customers can fall during their attempts to actually get a corporate giant to make a change or pay attention to its customers.

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  • Am
      13th of Jun, 2010

    I recently purchased a Frigidaire unit and it does the same thing - beeps like a truck backing up, screaming "danger, danger" - not a pleasant tone. Happens with each change (up/down temp, on/off, different mode, etc.). A neighborhood store salesman told me all A/C units do this, other than very expensive Fredreich's and smaller manual units. I agree with you and wonder "why?!!!"

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  • Mm
      7th of Jul, 2010

    Yeah, I just bought a GE window unit and the same problem...I want to be able to adjust the temperature without waking my wife up. It is so annoying! I'm thinking about opening it up and seeing if I can manually cut the wires to the beep or break it or is really loud at night.

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