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GE Self Cleaning gas range Model JGB 290 / Noxious fumes

1 Ithaca, NY, United States

In December, we received our new gas oven. From the first day, it did not work right, shooting flames from the bottom of the oven and giving off a noxious odor when we tried to use the broiler. Our installer was able to adjust the flames on the oven bottom but we had to call a local GE repair service to work on the other, far more serious, troubles. The repairman came and, after 3 hours, said the oven was unfixable. In fact, he was on the phone with the GE Engineering department, who kept telling him to "just burn the "dam**d smell out. Within a few minutes of his turning everything on, I went into a full-blown asthma attack as the fumes worsened. My husband opened all the windows even though it was below freezing outside, and the repairman immediately shut the oven, but the damage was done.

The worst was yet to come. Calls to GE Customer-No-Service and to Home Depot (local and coprporate) led to their telling us they were not responsible...i.e. each pointed the finger at the other company when it came to doing something about this lemon. Finally, the repair people went to bat for us and the oven was replaced. However, the SAME thing happened again when the installers turned on the broiler and self-cleaning feature on the replacement oven (I had told Home Depot I'd have been willing to pay extra for a better model if this one caused problems but they said I should have NO toruble at all with the replacement). I wasn't home at the time the replacement oven was tested, fearing the worst, but by the time my husband said I should come home, five hours later, the house was ininhabitable. Asthma ensued.

I give up. I just want someone to take this lemon of an oven away and take the loss. When I spoke to GE the first time around and told them that the fumes made me ill, the individual I spoke to said, "If you're thinking of suing us, think again. We have a full legal staff on hand." I broke down into tears, telling her I did NOT call her to discuss lawyers or doctors. I just wanted a stove that worked and was safe. She could NOT have cared less. I ended my conversations with both GE & Home Depot, by telling them that the last time I was treated so badly was in 1982, when I had bought a lemon Oldsmobile from GM and no one would stand by their product. I reminded these uncaring automotons where those companies are today. I will never do business with GE or Home Depot again.

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