GE Profile Refrigerator Arctica / GE &service& can't fix it - no service, but charged

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I have a GE Profile side-by-side Arctica PSS27SGNABS refrigerator/freezer. For a few weeks the refrigerator seemed to keep things too cold and the freezer wouldn't stay at 0 F (tended toward 6 F). Then the refrigerator wouldn't get below about 40 F and the freezer wouldn't get below 18 F. The refrigerator is not that old (circa 2005). A repairman came out and charged us $300 and changed the sensor circuit board. He said to wait 24 hours. Result was that neither refrigerator or freezer worked, so we called him back. He came back and said the door between the freezer and refrigerator compartments wasn't working properly and so he changed that, and again said to wait 24 hours. The result was that both compartments started heating up (~44F) well above their set points. Also, the condenser/compressor combination seemed to be in a state which caused a weird noise like they were constantly going on and off. Then a second repairman (third visit) came out and said the first repairman put in the wrong circuit board for our refrigerator. He changed that out and said wait 24 hours and it would work. We are back to the initial state where the freezer doesn't get below 14F, although the refrigerator does seem to stay at the set point. Each time my wife has to hire persons to work at her store while she waits to meet with the repairman (they won't work at night) and so she loses the cost to pay these employees. GE consumer service is not available except during hours when we work. GE repairs can only schedule someone to come back out but gives no guarantee that they will actually fix the refrigerator. By the way, when I contacted them first by email, they never responded and so we were forced to call. They did send a service request relative to the email contact and so I let them know that their email didn't work either.
The refrigerator doesn't work and so we bought a new LG refrigerator ($1400) which was much cheaper than the GE, but appears to be equal in functionality and superior in quality. The initial repair cost about $300 but we haven't paid any other costs for repair yet. The cost for lost time is estimated to be roughly $100.

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