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GE Online Services / No personal contact with authority

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I tried through two different pieces of correspondence to clear up a problem. Both times I received a FORM letter saying the same thing even though my request was different each time. There is no way to contact anyone except through the company's customer service toll free line. None of the customer service representatives have any kind of authority and when you ask to speak to a supervisor - there doesn't seem to be one. I will NEVER deal with this company again.

I had a zero interest for 12 months deal and each and every month I paid in advance of the due date on-line. Never a problem, until I made my last payment. For some reason they claimed they never received it, so they hit me up with all of the interest ($260 worth) at once and while I was trying to resolve it they tried to hit me up with interest and late fees. I mailed a lengthy letter asking them to remove the interest as I had clearly felt I made the payment via on-line like every other month. I even took a photocopy of my checkbook showing where the payment had been deducted by me. It was extremely frustrating not to be able to speak to anyone but the regular customer service reps and then getting those two form letters ---- talk about lack of personal customer service. I've never experienced anything in my life.

It's the last time I ever deal with GE and because of my experience I will NEVER purchase anything that GE sells. As far as I am concerned, if you can even communicate and get a personal response back its a company that doesn't care much for customers.


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  • An
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    I had a similar experience with them - nearly identical to yours.

    Needless to say, after a horribly unprofessional encounter with a rep on their end I have decided to send a letter with all of my details to them, the store that first offered me the card (in hopes that they will begin using a different card for their sales), to NYC local news agencies and newspapers, as well as the NY State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. I figure that, coupled with all the complaints I see on the web...will generate some change at this arm of GE. I never got the feeling this arm was a legitimate business, it feels like a scam. Clearly there are policies and procedures in place for customers who pay their entire balance in advance of the interest rate kicking in( other words, GE wouldn't make any money)

    Sadly enough...after several months of persistence (yes I said months!!!), I reached a manager who eliminated all of the frivolous fees and phantom return check fees - and she did it in 2 minutes. Guess it was luck of the draw.

  • An
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    As a result of this. I have sold ALL of my GE stock...and will never buy GE products again. For a solid business and brand, they cannot afford to keep this arm of the business. Sell it GE, sell it :)

  • Cm
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    WTF.. i just stumbled accross this thread when i was looking to login into my geonline acount. I had setup autopay from day 1, and now im looking at my statement... After 5 months of payments my balance isnt even going down... there is a section called Promotional Purchase Summary and it doesnt make a bit of sense. I cant even figure out what these nujmbers mean. Under Deferred column it lists FINANCE CHARGES? What the heck are these?

    If they try to screw me hard Ill show up at there door with an army.

  • Vr
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    I received a phone call from "anonymous caller",
    stating he was from GE services, great business
    practices! I swear to you, I think this man must
    be on the other side of the world, as I am in the
    USA, and it seems not many callers speak English
    these days, and this man did not understand one
    word I said. He might as well been a recording.
    My payment is less than two weeks late, and
    GE is already asking me for that payment, plus
    the one for next month, plus a late
    I never paid my bill on time before...But it didn't matter what I said, he didn't understand anything, except when can I pay the bill?...I am thinking of
    getting my phone disconnected, as I get so many calls from people doing surveys, telemarketers, and all
    the politicians now that election time is here...they
    can all shove it! And I am on the do not call list, it
    doesn't help. All this new technology is the pitts,
    I think it has really separated people from
    each other, instead of making life more manageable.

  • Cl
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    I made two seperate large purchases from a local appliance chain with the ge card. both purchases stated interest would be deferred for 1 yr, and 2 yrs respectively. Purchase #1, a lcd tv, was $15oo. Purchase #2, appliances, was $3000. Muy problem started almost immediately. Both purchases were made on black friday. no bill was received for december. I figured that this was normal since the purchases were made at the end of november. when my jan. statement arrived it had a late charge plus 2x the minimum charge. I immediately called ge and got a rep to remove the late charge. in the 9 months since i have never missed a mail delivery of my ge bill. the claim that the december bill was "lost in the mail" is a scam. my second issue is the way that they credit payments. to date i have made more than $2500 in payments, yet i still owe more than $600 on the lcd tv whose promotional balance expires in two months. every other promotional card i have used always credits the purchase that is due first. not ge. they will manipulate the system to get you to pay back interest charges. than god i have a good job with money set aside to pay the balance in full. my suggestion to those of you who do not would be to take a wisa, m/c, or discover and do a balance transfer. you might incur transfer fees, but they will be a hell of a lot less than back interest at 22%. like most others, i will never use the ge card again. if its a matter of price, get a quote from a retailer and take it to another one. all the major ones will match it.

  • Rt
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    I am on a fixed income. My income comes in the first of the month. Through my online bank website, I schedule all my bills to be paid on the 1st or 2nd of each month. GE Online (CareCredit) payments are due the 26th of each month. I called a rep and asked if I could make my payments on the 1st or 2nd of the month and not have it applied as a double payment for the previous month. The young woman that I spoke to said I could and it wouldn't be a problem.

    I just went online to check my balance and since July (when I started making the payments on the 1st), I have been charged a late fee.

    I called and the gal I spoke to said that if payments come in before the statement date of the 3rd they are applied to the previous month and a late fee is charged. I told her that I had called and asked if I could make early payments and was told I could (the rep never told me about the statement date). I asked to have the late fees reversed; she couldn't reverse the late fees because, as she said, I already had one reversed when I missed a payment (which was a mistake on my part). She did not have the authority to reverse any late fees so she transferred me to someone who might be able to help me. I explained the situation to him and he said the same thing. He could not reverse a late fee because only one late fee can be reversed in a 12-month period. He was very impatient with me as I explained the situation. I asked to speak to his boss, and he said he was the highest I could talk to. I told him I wanted to talk to someone else and he said I would have to call back. My mouth dropped and when he asked if there was anything else he could help me with, I couldn't speak so he said " because of your silence I assume there isn't so thank you for calling" and hung up.

    I am being punished for making early payments and they said there's nothing they can do. I can't believe that someone can't credit me the 4 late fees I have been charged.

  • Br
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    I have been dealing with GE MoneyBank for over a year now. I went to a dentist and had $4000.00, worth of work done. I am tring to find out how my Balance is $3, 600.00 + when I have paid over $2, 000.00. The Dentist check out my wife and ran my credit, they summitted it to GE for over $8, 000.00, well my wife never went back and they are charging me for $8000.00, worth of work never done, interest and late fees on loan that I never took out. The Dentist refunded ($7, 400.00), most of the money but now I am stuck speaking to someone in India. What a headache. I have been disputing this for over a year and now they put this on my credit report as over 120 late. If anyone finds out about a class action, please let me know!

  • Do
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    I both agree and disagree with your complaint. I disagree because I have had a Care Credit card for at least two years, and a Car Care One card for over a year. I have taken advantage of several "x months no interest" promotions, and never had a bit of trouble with payment posting. I have conducted all my business regarding these two accounts online.

    However, I agree because my PayPal Mastercard has given me nothing but grief. First of all, they have these ridiculous rules regarding online payment scheduling. You cannot schedule more than one payment a day, and you cannot make more than two online payments per billing cycle. I can understand a company wanting to curtail people making numerous small payments, but no other credit card I have has rules like this. Secondly, a month or two ago I did a balance transfer of three cards (including PPMC) to a different card with no interest. Two of the three cards posted the payments within 48 hours and gave me immediate access to my credit line again. PPMC, on the other hand, had not posted the payment after more than two weeks. When I finally called to complain, I was told that it was standard procedure with large payments. I told her I could understand that if I'd written a personal check, but they received an electronic funds transfer from a nationwide bank. There was no excuse for them to freeze it, and I had no such issues with my other transfers, one of which was even larger than PP. I've made a few more small charges to the card, but as soon as I pay it off I will be closing it.

  • Ke
      3rd of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had the same exact experience as C.W.
    I got harrassed by some foreign caller constantly both on my cell phone & home phone. I told them not to call me anymore.I told the caller that I was only giving them the "past due" amount and not going to give them anymore $$ since the next payment wasn't due until the following month.
    Sometimes when I try to go online to make a payment, their site doesn't let me log on either.My husband and I like to make two separate payments, but
    their site won't take more than one payment at a time.
    What a pain!

  • Bu
      23rd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    We were talked into a "12 months no payments, no interest" offer by an Ethan Allen Salesperson. After some substantial furniture purchases, we sat on our "free money" for the 12 months. When the first payment came due, we planned to pay the full balance, but a real estate transaction we were expecting had not closed, so we just made the first month's payement -- anticipating paying the balance off within a few weeks. SURPRISE!!! All 12 months of interest were immediately accured to the account balance -- totallying nearly adding nearly 15% to the balance due. We contacted the Ethan Allan salesperson to see if something had been set up incorrectly. She assured us that it wasn't supposed to work that way. Unfortunately, after digging into it further, she too was duped. Sure enough, in the fine print -- if the full balance is not paid off by that first anniversary, all BACK INTEREST is also accrued to the balance. Holy cow, what a SCAM these GE guys are running. I bet they got their bonuses this year. Never again, GE. NEVER!

  • Ki
      24th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    L agree with all of the above. I got sucked into a $2000 dental bill that was charged to a GE card. I went online to make my payment, put in my checking information, got a confirmation, and then got screwed. I got calls from "private" asking where my payment was. I was told that I had entered the wrong information and the payment didn't go through. I was then pressured to make my payment over the phone and pay a $15 fee for it. I got my bill caught up. Now, several months later, I go online again and give them my information. It's confirmed and I get a call that it doesn't go through. I told them I am turning them into the BBB because of this scam to make you pay over the phone so that they can charge you fees, fees, and more fees.

  • Tr
      28th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have had the WORST experience with and I do all my banking and bill-paying online. I have two credit cards that are administered by GE. However, will only provide me with one username--when I attempt to register my second credit card, it defaults to the same username that I have for my first credit card. Apparently, the solution is to create a different password--this is what technical support informed me. However, when I create the second password, the log-in form will not accept it. This was made even worse because GE had automatically signed us up for electronic statements by e-mail. But I can't see my statements for this second credit card because I can't log in to the online account for this card. I called technical support to ask them to start sending me statements by postal mail and they REFUSED! I spent an hour with one person who kept telling me that I had to log in to my online account to change from electronic to paper statements--and she would not accept the fact that I could not log in. She kept telling me that all I had to do was create a second password for this second credit card. She had no manager who I could speak to, and no other technical support who could help with my log-in. All that we ended up agreeing upon was that I had no options whatsoever--I could not see my statements and I could not change my statement options. So, I'm locked in to paying $10 every month to pay my bill by phone. Ridiculous! I will never open another GE credit card again.

  • Wm
      11th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I opened an account with GE on 3/18/2006. My monthly payments were set up, through them, to automatically come out of my checking account. My first payment was made on 4/3/06. I didn't have a problem with them until May of 2009. What should have been my last payment, of $92.45, was taken out as scheduled. Since there was only a balance due of $17.30, I went ahead and paid it on the 4/4. The following month (May), another payment was taken from my checking account! At 12:35PM CST, on 5/20, I spoke to someone named Glen who told me they can't return the money to my checking account and that they would mail me a check in 7-10 days. The following day, 5/21, at 9:07AM, I spoke to someone named Samuel who verified that "there are no more payments scheduled". On 6/5 they removed $92.45 from my checking account! At 12:11PM today, 6/10, I spoke to "John" who told me that even though the account is paid off, additional payments go toward my available credit. When I asked why I would need available credit, he had no answer and said that they will send another check. He also stated that he is "100% positive that there are no more payments scheduled".

    I don't have money to loan GE every month. Besides, they aren't paying me interest for the time in which they have my money!

  • Re
      13th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Now I understand we're not alone re our thoughts about this company. My fiance' had a surgical procedure and the doctors told us about this no interest deal through GE services that would give us 'no interest credit' if we paid it off in 12 months. We paid our first few payments and then a few large payments with the intent to pay off the entire amount in before the 12 month anniversary date so we wouldn't have to pay any interest. Now we are down to paying off the last large payment and they are telling us we are stuck paying all the interest they are charging because the doctor's office entered the wrong promotional code and we are stuck with paying the interest as well. Of course as someone else noted there is NO-ONE in a supervisory position at this company so your stuck dealing with the peons that answer the phone.
    This company needs to be investigated by the Attorney's General of every state where they are scamming people.
    We will pursue this matter through any class action suits or whatever other options we can find.

  • Wh
      18th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had same issue with GEOnline Server, I set auto payment via their website, first month get through and second time they started charge me late fee and returned the check fee and claimed that I set wrong banking account online, tried to talk with their esclation manager, she refused to provide her name and very unprofessonal, didn't listen to my explaination, refune do anything for their fault.

    Looks like they knew exact what they are doing, so even don't want to deal with me, in order to prove their scam, I made another payment online via their webaite, I wrote down their confirmation with my correct bank information, and three days late, I got another returned check fee, i asked my back and my back confirm that no any transaction to my account and my back even can set up conference call with them to resolve the issue. but GE refused. they still calimed that I set wrong bank account.

    I think all of us need report them to BBB and don't understand why BBB still show them A+

  • Po
      25th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    To make a long story short, I signed a contract with GE for Lasik surgery. The contract was for 18 months. We paid every single payment, and got the balance down to $150 at the 12 month mark. That's over $2, 000 we paid long before the 18 month mark. The whole time we were using their online website to pay the payments. Now, I just paid a payment online again for $30 to get the balance down from $150 to $120, right? Well, now they won't allow me to make payments online. We're six months ahead, too. Before that, I paid the entire sum off: the entire $150 in one lump sum. They reversed payment and said they never received the payment. That's why this time I paid $30. I figured if I clip away at it in tiny pieces, I could at least get it smaller and smaller, right? Only, now I can't even access my account online. I guess they stopped me because I was paying so well. I have no doubt they're doing all of this on purpose. They don't want you to pay the entire balance off, because then they can make you pay the deferred interest. I'm glad I caught this long before the 18 month mark. I'm reading all over the internet of how horrible their business practices are. If I can't make a payment, how in the world will I ever pay it? I just know they purposely stopped me from making payments online. I've thought about suing them now by getting video footage, documents and other pieces of evidence to show that they absolutely are preventing me from paying my bill and fulfilling the obligations of their contract. This is against the law!

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