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I had 90 day interest free loan from GE Credit in 2003.

I paid the bill in 2003 in 60 days IN FULL

now they are saying I didnt pay the bill and have ruined my credit score.

I ve written several letters to GE Credit and the credit bureaus with my docs showing paid in full.

nothing is being done.

i call GE and they insist I didnt pay. they are in India and when I say, , I want a US Rep, they say, , NO, impossible to get one.

I feel stuck.

I paid my bill yet my FICO score is down 70 points for a charge off.

Any hints how I can get ahold of some GE Exec and work to resolve this?


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      Jul 05, 2009

    I have had a similar situation happen to me where I sent payment in full yet had to deal with a company that said I didn't. Eventually, the company backed off.

    You need to give some more details about your situation. Is a collection company calling you? Have you disputed the debt with the credit bureaus? (That is, you said you wrote a letter but there is a process for disputing inaccurate/false information.)

    The best thing to do to contact them by certified mail, that way you know they received your letter. If your account is listed as delinquent phone calls will automatically be directed accordingly (unless you don't enter any account info and just speak to an operator). Outsourced "customer service" is unreliable at best.

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      Jul 05, 2009

    Hi There!!

    I cant believe someone actually read my comment.. i am super impressed.

    thanks whomever you are, , much appreciated.

    I bought my mom a leather lazy boy chair for her BD in 2003.

    I gave them my CC but the sales person said, , WHY not take advantage of our 90 day interest free credit?? I said, , what the heck, , i can keep the money a bit longer and signed up for it.

    I got nervous getting the 2 monthly statements from GE Credit and paid the bill in full after the 2nd statement, , 60 days later.

    All went well from 2003 to 2008. Mom loved her birthday chair, , life was good.

    Then in 2008 on July 8th, I get a call from an attorney from Neuheisel Law Firm in Arizona threatening me to pay or else. I couldnt imagine what he was speaking about??

    I said GE credit??? i havent charged there ever.. Then he said Bassett Furniture in Fl.

    I said I am sure I paid it.. He said NO, YOU DIDNT pay it.. AND if you dont pay NOW, I will ruin your credit and take you to court. WOW.. interest was now +$200 added to the $418.00 chair.

    I sent them all the data needed to substantiate the bill. Copy of the bill of sale of the chair, the signed agreement with GE and a copy from Wachovia of the paid check.

    I called them every 2 months for an update after they received my docs and they said, , its in process.

    Then, they contacted all the credit bureaus and my FICO goes from 820 to 740. I was stunned that this charge back appreared after I cleared this mess up.

    I sent 3 certified letters with supporting docs to the major bureaus and just heard from Experian and they stated "Upon careful review of your information, we determined that wer are not able to use it".

    I have had over 800 FICO scores for most of my adult life, , paid every bill... Does anyone really think I am going to ruin it all for $418?????

    OMG, , this is frustrating. I called GE several times only to be connected to customer service in India and they say, , Youre account has been sold WE cannot help you.

    Its hard when you have done the right thing, , paid your debt early but because of some internal error get screwed. I just wish I knew a number at GE Money bank of a manager and could have 5 minutes of their time to clear this up.

    Thanks a bunch for your ear !!!

    Don in Florida

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      Jul 06, 2009

    I know I posted a comment, but I had been having some technical difficulties with this site lately, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

    Anyway, basically what I said before was that it sounded like you had grounds for a lawsuit. I think you could get AT LEAST the amount they say you owe plus court costs and lawyer fees. If they've harrassed you (and continue to do so), make note of it and you can even file a complaint with your Attorney General.

    It sounds like you've already gotten your credit report, but do so if you haven't. It'll lead you on the process for disputing errors.

    You sound like a nice guy. You might have to be mean to get them off your back, though.

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